1970s Dresser Transformed with Elegance

Jen from Migonis Home is back with another awesome piece that she transformed with one of our most popular colors: Elegance. She loved this new piece so much that she decided to change her living room around so she could keep it!

It’s not very often that a color that wasn’t at all what you thought it would be turns into the turning point for a mystery room. A room that was all beige. And it’s not very often that the turning point will come in the form of a 1970s dresser. But that’s what happened here.
One of the colors I ordered as part of the Country Chic Paint Blogging Squad was Elegance. For some reason I thought it was a light gray… but it was a robin’s egg blue that matched the pillows in my living room perfectly.
painted robin's egg blue dresser - #diy #paintedfurniture #countrychicpaint - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
I loved the size of this piece and the potential. The molding is fabulous all around the drawers, the top and the bottom. I had planned to sell the piece but when I changed around the living room to put the piece on the longest wall I was hooked and knew it wouldn’t leave our house. And at only $30 it wasn’t breaking the bank.
painted robin's egg blue dresser - #diy #paintedfurniture #countrychicpaint - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
The scroll work doesn’t even bother me anymore… Well, it definitely did bother me when I was trying to paint it… it took forever. Thank goodness Modern Family was on. 🙂
painted robin's egg blue dresser - #diy #paintedfurniture #countrychicpaint - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
Thus far I’ve opted for no knobs because I haven’t found anything I want. I’m leaning towards just a tiny lip at the top of each drawer that is big enough to just pull open the drawer but so that it’s barely visible. What would you do?
painted robin's egg blue dresser - #diy #paintedfurniture #countrychicpaint - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog

Come on over to Migonis Home to see the full living room with this new piece in it!

Jen Migonis {Migonis Home}

I’m Jen Migonis and I blog over at Migonis Home about renovating our small Cape (every single room is getting seriously revamped), decorating, food and family. The whole gamut. 🙂  And I love makeovers. Every time I see a good one it makes me giddy. Especially one where someone took some risks or had a really great vision.

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