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Randa from The Everyday Domestic is one of our lovely Blog Squad bloggers and she’s got a great project to share with you today!

This post has been in the works for a long time. I originally made the DIY Framed Chalkboard back in August but I was stuck on the finishing touches. So it sat on the wall of my dining room, naked with primer for the past seven months. Then I found Country Chic Paint. If you didn’t already know, I am on the Blogger Squad for Country Chic Paint and will be sharing some fabulous DIY projects featuring Country Chic chalk based paint. For this project I used Country Chic Paint’s paint in Simplicity. It’s a stunning white that’s soft and not at all stark. This was my first time using chalk based paint, and I’m hooked.
DIY painted chalkboard - #countrychicpaint -

Supplies Needed

* Moulding (I used a pre-primed colonial style)
* Backing Board, I used 1/4″ hardboard.
* Wood filler
* 100 grit sanding block
* Chalkboard spray paint
* Country Chic Paint in Simplicity
* Country Chic Paint Natural Wax

This project is really easy, there isn’t much instruction needed. I had the hardboard that was recommended to me by the ladies at Rona pre-cut (I opted for 3×4). Hardboard was a good choice because it’s smooth and free from natural wood defects. I didn’t want any wood grain to show through the chalkboard paint. Painting was easy. I bought a can of chalkboard spray paint and sprayed it (following the drying time instructions on the can) in the garage. My husband cut the detailed mouldings to fit. He wanted plain, flat mouldings so he could do straight cuts but I wanted as much detail as possible. I wanted there to be some depth in the piece, so that meant mitred corners.
DIY painted chalkboard - #countrychicpaint -

To adhere the moulding to the board, we simply used No More Nails and clamped it down for a few hours. We then filled in the corners with wood filler, let it dry, and sanded the until smooth. I didn’t know what I wanted for paint at this stage so I simply primed the chalkboard and hung it as is. To prime the chalkboard you just rub with chalk and wrap off. You must do this before you write with chalk, otherwise your chalk will leave a shadow when you write.

Fast forward seven months and here we are today. I finally made the decision to use Country Chic Paint’s chalk based paint in the colour Simplicity. I used a 2″ synthetic, angled brush and only had to use two coats.

Chalk paint is fool proof, it covers up flaws so easily. I always thought my frame looked alright with just the primer, but after I painting Simplicity on I noticed that the primer was actually quite yellow. Simplicity looks stunning against my Kendall Charcoal Walls. It didn’t look painted, it looked like that was how the piece was supposed to look.
DIY painted chalkboard - #countrychicpaint -

To finish the piece I used CCP’s natural wax, I thought about distressing or using a gold wax but I wanted to keep this frame bold against my dark grey walls. I used a clean rag and buffed it in. The end result is beautiful. I found that after I used the wax I noticed the detail in the mouldings had dimension.
DIY painted chalkboard - #countrychicpaint -

The next steps were not so easy, as I’m not the most artistic person out there. I used a stool to make the first circle perfectly round and did the rest the best I could. It’s not perfect, but most chalkboard artwork isn’t. That’s the beauty of it.
DIY painted chalkboard - #countrychicpaint -

I’m really happy with how it turned out. A little bit of “Simplicity” is just what the space needed.


Randa Derkson {The Everyday Domestic}

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