Desk Organizer Gets A Coat Of Vanilla Frosting

Lindsay from My Creative Days is back with a painted desk organizer for her craft area.

I love having things organized. I work better, am more creative and get more done when everything is in its place.

When I saw this piece, I thought it would be great in my craft area to help keep things organized. I did not like the light oak color so with help from Country Chic Paint, this desk organizer gets a coat of Vanilla Frosting.

I thought the creamy, white color would brighten it up and make it more “pretty”.
DIY craft organizer - #countrychicpaint -

After three coats of Vanilla Frosting, I knew I couldn’t just leave the cork board on the back “untouched”. I needed to add some “fun” to it. So, I used my circle pouncer and added some polka dots! Polka dots scream fun, don’t they? 😉
DIY craft organizer - #countrychicpaint -

Now, this organizer is pretty and functional.
DIY craft organizer - #countrychicpaint -

After everything dried, I added a coat of Tough Coat to the entire piece. Things will be moved a lot within this organizer so the Tough Coat will help protect it from getting “bumps and bruises”. 😉

My craft area is still a work in progress so once I get things situated and figure out where everything will go, I will hang this on the wall.

Country Chic's 2014 Blog Squad member: Lindsay

Lindsay {My Creative Days}

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