Distressed Crib Tutorial

Follow these step-by-step instructions by Rachel from Maison de Pax to do your own antique makeover!

Hi Country Chic Paint followers! It’s Rachel again from Maison de Pax, and I can’t wait to show you how Country Chic Paint transformed this crib from sad to stunning… Let’s get started!
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I found this crib on Craigslist just after my husband, my 1 year old son (at the time), and I moved back from overseas. Though I really liked the shape, the finish was pretty beat up already. And let’s just say that after my two sons used it, the top rails were missing most of their original finish! And though it was a nice brown, it was a little flat for my taste. Here is the before (trust me, it was much worse than it looks in this picture!).
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Since then, I was inspired by Restoration Hardware to makeover this crib I was given, and it is ready and waiting for my little girl who is due in May! That left this crib available for my niece who is due in June… but I wasn’t about to give her the crib in its current state. I wanted something soft and gentle, but not too feminine. Country Chic Paint in Pebble Beach was perfect.
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I started with a good cleaning. Thankfully, Country Chic’s chalk-based paint doesn’t need extensive sanding because sanding all those spindles would have been a LOT of work!
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Next came two coats of Country Chic Paint in Pebble Beach (I’m obsessed with this color, by the way, it’s the perfectly balanced gray – not too cool and not too warm), painted with a simple 2″ synthetic brush.
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After a few days to dry, I took a combination of 60, 120, and 220 sandpaper to various parts of the crib, focusing mostly on the edges and other areas where normal wear and tear would naturally distress paint.
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I wiped the whole crib down again (be sure to clean off all that sanding dust!) and then gave it a full coat of clear wax.
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By the time I finished waxing the whole thing, I was ready to go back and wipe and buff the crib. I wanted a rather matte finish, so a good wipe down was enough this time.
paintedfurniture - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
I then followed with some antiquing wax. This part is much more an art than a science, but I have discovered that I prefer brushing on the natural wax (with a big, round, natural-bristle brush). The antiquing wax, though, I prefer to apply with an old rag. It keeps me from getting brown brush strokes and allows me a little more freedom in smudging and reapplying, as needed. I concentrated the antiquing wax in the areas that would naturally grow darker over time – nooks, crannies, joints, etc.
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One of the great things about refinishing a crib with Country Chic Paint is that the all-natural ingredients give me much more peace of mind than some of the other products on the market. And Pebble Beach couldn’t be any more beautiful with the bedding already chosen for my niece. I just hope she loves it as much as I do!
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Rachel {Maison de Pax}

I’m Rachel from Maison de Pax, and I am so honored to be a part of the Country Chic Paint blogger squad. At Maison de Pax, we are working to renovate, redecorate, and rejuvenate our 1940 colonial to be a place where peace can be found; feel free to tour our home if you’d like. Our most recent focus has been our attic renovation, but for years I have loved to make over old file cabinets, paint mason jars, and create my own decor on a budget. With Country Chic Paint, I’ve already created a chippy side table, painted a “sunbleached” look, and gilded a frame… I love the endless possibilities!

Jan Korteland

Jan Korteland

11 thoughts on “Distressed Crib Tutorial

  1. Hey so this paint is 100% safe for baby.?I’m thinking about redoing a crib for my little girl. & where can I find this paint ?thanks!!

    1. Hi Crystal,

      This paint is definitely safe for use on baby projects and our wax is 100% all natural! You can purchase our products online at http://www.countrychicpaint.com/shop or you can check our store locator to find the retailer nearest you at http://www.countrychicpaint.com/storelocator

  2. Hey if I wanted to do this exact style to a VERY similar crib, what all EXACTLY will I need to purchase from country chic or ect.????

    1. Hi Jasmine,

      For this project, Rachel used our paint in the color Pebble Beach which you can find in quarts or pints in our online shop. We definitely recommend using one of our all natural waxes (Rachel chose antiquing and natural) to finish it as it will give you a more durable and professional finish that you can feel safe letting your baby chew on. Finally, we recommend using our Country Chic Paint wax brushes to apply the wax, but you can always use a clean, lint-free rag if you prefer.

      I hope this helps, but please feel free to call us at 1-888-523-2360 or send us an email to hello@countrychicpaint.com any time if there’s anything else we can help you with!

  3. Can you use the tough coat over the antique wax? Also did she apply one cost of antique wax to the whole crib or just certain areas?

    1. Hi Courtney,

      Thanks for stopping by! I believe on this crib, Rachel applied antiquing wax over the entire piece, however you could choose to just keep it to the detailed areas if you prefer. Tough Coat cannot be applied on top of any oil-based products as it will not adhere properly to them, so it’s best to choose either wax or Tough Coat. For cribs we recommend going with one of our waxes as they’re natural and contain no harmful chemicals, so they’re safe for babies to chew on!

      1. Is the tough coat not good on a crib for a baby? I thought all were natrual. I just liked how smooth the tough coat was.

        1. Hi Courtney,

          All of our products contain little to no VOCs or harmful solvents. The paint and Tough Coat are non-toxic but they are not edible of course. Since natural wax contains only 100% natural products, it’s what we recommend for little mouths!

    1. Hi Sonja,

      I’m not sure how long it took Rachel to paint this piece but usually one coat on a piece this size can be done in 15-30 minutes! You’re welcome to reach out to her on her blog for full details though.

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