Curbside Rocking Horse Makeover

Lindsay from My Creative Days is back with another great piece which she salvaged from the curbside a rejuvenated with a fresh coat of “elegance”.

My friend (who is expecting her third baby in June) contacted me the other day and said she had picked up a rocking horse on the side of the road. She was wondering if I would “spruce it up” for the nursery. Of course! Curbside pick-ups are some of my favorite projects. I was excited to see what she had picked up.
Here is her curbside gem:
Curbside Rocking Horse Makeover #DIY #secondhand #paintedfurniture -
My favorite part of this rocking horse was the handle. I loved that it was worn, but still had the original colors coming through a little bit. I wanted to enhance that so I left it unpainted and added some dark stain over it.
Curbside Rocking Horse Makeover #DIY #secondhand #paintedfurniture -
My friend loves lighter blues and robin’s egg blues so I knew “Elegance” would be the perfect color on this rocking horse.
After two coats of paint, the rocking horse was covered. It looked great, but I thought it needed to be “roughed” up a little bit. 😉
Curbside Rocking Horse Makeover #DIY #secondhand #paintedfurniture -
I used some fine grit sandpaper to rough it up. The original colors started showing through the “Elegance” color. PERFECTION!
Curbside Rocking Horse Makeover #DIY #secondhand #paintedfurniture -
Curbside Rocking Horse Makeover #DIY #secondhand #paintedfurniture -
Curbside Rocking Horse Makeover #DIY #secondhand #paintedfurniture -
I love the way the handle stands out against the new color on the horse.
More importantly, my friend loves it!

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Jan Korteland

Jan Korteland

2 thoughts on “Curbside Rocking Horse Makeover

  1. Hi Lindsay,

    What type of paint did you use? I have the most adorable rocking horse, solid wood and appears to be handmade that I got at goodwill for my friend who is expecting a baby. I am planning to sand it down and re-paint it, but am just wondering what type of paint you used to paint the rocking horse so it is safe for children.
    Thank you,

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