Simplicity White-Washed Stone Fireplace

Sarah from Life on Virginia Street is back to show us the upgrade she’s made to her living room with this sleek, white-washed stone fireplace.

Several months back, I decided to gray-wash our previously orange-toned fireplace stone {you can read more about that here}. The orange had worked well with the original paint color that was on the walls when we bought the house, but I had wanted a fresher, lighter vibe in our home to make it more our style. I had used another chalk-based paint {the color would be very similar to Country Chic Paint’s Pebble Beach}. The gray worked for awhile, but was still a little darker than I had originally hoped for. The original gray base with a watered-down version of Simplicity on the top is now the perfect look!
white washed stone fireplace #DIY -
But let’s start back at the beginning. The first photo shows the space shortly after we moved in. The second photo shows the progress after I had painted the walls and gray-washed the stone. Better, but still not the look I was after.
white washed stone fireplace #DIY -
white washed stone fireplace #DIY -
And now that same view today.
white washed stone fireplace #DIY -
One day while I was working on another project with Country Chic Paint’s Simplicity {a truly bright white, which I love} I decided to attack the fireplace again. If you’re wishing to achieve a similar look, I would recommend following the steps I took in this post with Pebble Beach and then following the remainder of this tutorial. I believe if I had skipped straight to the Simplicity, it would have had a pink or peach undertone due to the original stone color.
I used a 50/50 mix of water and Simplicity {I didn’t measure it out – just eye-balled it, so there isn’t an exact science to it}. Previously I had used a sponge brush to apply the gray layer, but this time around I used a stiff-bristle chip brush {a cheap $.99 one} and it was SO much easier. The major tip I have for this project is protect your floors. Because the mix is so watery you drip everywhere. But I wanted there to be some dimension and not just a flat, painted look. Occasionally I would blot the stone with a paper towel to help pull some gray through, helping add the dimension I was looking for. The extra mess is worth the extra effort! ‘One additional bonus of adding water? There are absolutely no issues with brushstrokes. My best little helper/supervisor, Henley, gets partial credit for this work.
white washed stone fireplace #DIY -
white washed stone fireplace #DIY -
The stone still has some variation due to the mix with water. I love that the gray still shows through in some areas, but the orange and dark gray tones are gone. Definitely the fresher and airier vibe I was going for!
white washed stone fireplace #DIY -
I couldn’t be happier with the end result!
white washed stone fireplace #DIY -


Sarah {Life on Virginia Street}

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Jan Korteland

Jan Korteland

6 thoughts on “Simplicity White-Washed Stone Fireplace

  1. Looks beautiful!

    Curious – what color white did you choose for your walls? We based our stone fireplace color on yours but we’re having trouble choosing a suitable white for our walls.


  2. Hello! We almost have the same fireplace and want to do the exact same thing. Please let me know what specific color you used and how you did it in more detail. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you like how this fireplace turned out. This piece was done in our color called Simplicity. For more detailed information on how it was done, I would recommend contacting Sarah from Life on Virginia Street on her blog as she is the creator of this project.

      Happy painting!

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