Laundry Room Makeover

This adorable space was created by Sarah from Life on Virginia Street with a touch of “Elegance” to liven up an otherwise dull chore.

I have been working on updating our laundry room for some time and was able to place the finishing touches on it this past weekend. When we first moved in to our home, the room and a flat, flesh-toned paint and the room seemed orange and bland.
Laundry Room Makeover #DIY #painted furniture -
And here is the space now. Such a brighter and happier place to do laundry!
Laundry Room Makeover #DIY #painted furniture -
One of the stars of the the new laundry room {in addition to the literal star decals on the walls} are the cabinets. I used the same process I followed for the bathroom cabinets {they were the same dingy “white” laminate cabinets} and used two coats of Country Chic Paint’s Elegance. I then applied a coat of Country Chic Paint Natural Wax to the doors and the frame. After buffing the wax and allowing dry time, I rehung the doors on the cabinet frame. The result is beautiful!
Laundry Room Makeover #DIY #painted furniture -
The color is the perfect accent to the artwork and rug and adds the perfect amount of color to a room that could otherwise be too white.
Laundry Room Makeover #DIY #painted furniture -
The space is so inviting that I almost want to do laundry more frequently!


Sarah {Life on Virginia Street}

I’m Sarah and I blog at Life on Virginia Street. I’m a 30-something executive in the financial services industry living in Omaha, Nebraska. My blog is a space for me to share things I love: decorating, design, DIY projects, fabric, fashion, food, music, paint, photography and travel. Really anything that has absolutely nothing to do with my day-to-day office life. We just purchased our third home and are in the process of making it truly “ours”!

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