Grain Sack Coffee Table

This is our very first post by Ashley from Dirt Stains and Paint. She transformed this thrift store find into a beautiful living room centrepiece.

Hi fellow DIY’ers, I’m Ashley from Dirt Stains and Paint and I’m so excited to be on the Country Chic Paint bandwagon (or blogger squad…tomato, tamato ;). Over at Dirt Stains and Paint, I specialize in allowing my house of boys to transform their clothes with au natural dirt stains outside, while I tackle thrift store finds and transform them with new paint! We live in a new construction home, and are constantly working to add “old character” to our new home – who knew new construction would require so many projects?!
To fill the spaces in our home, I’ve been working on a budget. So most pieces I choose to re-do come from my thrifting or Craigslist adventures. You’ll see that I love most things with a distressed finished, and am a sucker for curvy legs – like this sofa table that was my first experience using Country Chic Paint.
Today I’m sharing with you my latest thrift store find. An old oak french provincial style coffee table.
Grainsack Coffee Table #DIY #thriftstorefind #stripes #paintedfurniture -
Aside from the few water marks on top, it was in near perfect condition – just my style!
One of the things that I love about using Country Chic Paint, is the minimal prep work required. In this case though, I knew that painting a light color over dark wood, with a decent water mark, would probably require a little bit of sanding.
So I busted out my handy dandy palm sander and gave the top a quick sand just to be sure that water mark wouldn’t be water marking my new table. 🙂
2014-03-18 21.11.15
After cleaning with a wet cloth and letting dry, I was ready for my paint!
2014-03-18 21.16.22
Grainsack Coffee Table #DIY #thriftstorefind #stripes #paintedfurniture -
I had a vision for this table from the very beginning – usually being inspired by shabby-chic-french-farmhouse-y type things. So two coats of Vanilla Frosting went on.
Grainsack Coffee Table #DIY #thriftstorefind #stripes #paintedfurniture -
*Tip: After using a billion different cheap brushes over the years, through trial and error, I have learned to make the investment in a good paintbrush. This will help eliminate brush stroke marks and smooth your finish when using multiple coats – especially with a lighter/white color!
My go-to these days is to use the wet-distressing technique to distress the spots on the table that would “naturally” get wear and tear. I just use a wet washcloth, and as long as I haven’t waited too long post paint drying (less than 2 hours ish), then this technique works perfectly!
Grainsack Coffee Table #DIY #thriftstorefind #stripes #paintedfurniture -
For added flare, I decided to give the table a faux grain sack design using two coats of Devotion. I taped off the stripes using blue painter’s tape, and as along as I use a straight edge of some sort (i.e. a ruler) to seal the tape down, there should be no leakage.
Grainsack Coffee Table #DIY #thriftstorefind #stripes #paintedfurniture -
Grainsack Coffee Table #DIY #thriftstorefind #stripes #paintedfurniture -
A little more distressing, this time with a sanding block because I only wanted to subtly pull one layer of paint off, followed by two coats of Natural Wax, and voila – this table is complete!
2014-03-27 01.03.19
I love the grain sack flare! And how the Devotion contrasts the Vanilla Frosting for such a unique coffee table.
2014-03-27 01.03.00
Off to market this little table goes!


Ashley {Dirt Stains and Paint}

I’m Ashley from Dirt Stains and Paint. I’m a Seattle girl that specializes in allowing my house of boys to transform their clothes with au natural dirt stains outside, while I tackle adding “old character” to our new construction home through all sorts of DIY projects. Always working on a budget, most projects start at the thrift store and get transformed with new paint! You’ll see that I love most things with a distressed finished, a farmhouse flare, and everything rustic in between.

Make sure to follow Ashley on her blog Dirt Stains and Paint, as well as on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!

Jan Korteland

Jan Korteland

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  1. I have a curio withe the curved glad so not alot of wood , top bottom back and a few little stripes in front it is oak and I hate oak I wasn’t to paint it red with cream top coat and sand down so u can see some of red how do I get the brownish effect on it?

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