Rustic Vined Dresser

Stacey from Embracing Change gave this dresser a coat of Rustic Charm and hand painted the cute vine details!

Hi, this is Stacey again from Embracing Change back with another fun furniture makeover with my Country Chic Paint!
You should know this by now, but I just want to remind you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Country Chic Paint! It is available in so many colors too. It provides great coverage and distresses like a dream!
I found this awesome dresser on a Facebook sale site. I ended up in a line of people that wanted it and I really thought I wouldn’t have a chance, but some in front of me didn’t follow through with it and I was fortunate enough to score!
Rustic Charm Dresser #DIY #paintedpattern #paintedfurniture -
She has great bones and dovetailed drawers so big that I could fit my children into them. She is a BIG girl. Oh boy…Aren’t you glad people don’t talk about us the way we describe furniture???
I painted this piece in Country Chic’s Rustic Charm. It is the prettiest green!
Rustic Charm Dresser #DIY #paintedpattern #paintedfurniture -
Rustic Charm Dresser #DIY #paintedpattern #paintedfurniture -
Then I decided to add some hand-painted vines on the drawers fronts for some extra charm. I distressed it a bit and added some fun wooden knobs.
Rustic Charm Dresser #DIY #paintedpattern #paintedfurniture -
Rustic Charm Dresser #DIY #paintedpattern #paintedfurniture -
I love how it came out, the color is superb!
Right after I finished this piece up I found myself looking around the house for other things to paint in this color. I am inspired now!!
Rustic Charm Dresser #DIY #paintedpattern #paintedfurniture -
Time to move onto to another piece…
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Stacey {Embracing Change}

My name is Stacey and I blog about my creative endeavors at Embracing Change. I dabble in blogging about my family and my faith as well as some crafts and recipes although my blog is primarily about painting and bring old and ugly furniture back to life. I love finding an old, ugly piece of furniture and making it pretty and new. It is my creative passion! My day job is being a mommy to two sweet girls and married to a pastor working alongside of him in ministry. Painting is what I do in my free time and for fun. My hobby has developed into a side creative endeavor as well and I have established The Blessed Nest whereby I now sell my creations to those that also have a love for all old things made new!

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