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Krista from The Happy Housie is back with another step-by-step tutorial on how she transformed her son’s dresser with Midnight Sky and some stencilled numbers in Simplicity!

Hello everyone! It is Krista from The Happy Housie back again today to share my latest Country Chic project: this Numbered Tall Dresser for our sons’ shared coastal/nautical style bedroom.
Tall numbered dresser #DIY #paintedfurniture #numbered - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
I have been hankering to give this dresser a revamp for a few years now. We bought it when we were first newly married, over 13 years ago now, and I had grown tired of the shiny honey pine color. I was ready to give it a little change so that it would appeal to our oldest son, who is six.
Tall numbered dresser #DIY #paintedfurniture #numbered - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
I decided to start with a coat of primer because I knew that the really smooth shiny finish would require more sanding then I was willing to do.
Tall numbered dresser #DIY #paintedfurniture #numbered - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
Tall numbered dresser #DIY #paintedfurniture #numbered - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
Once the primer was dry I gave it two coats of Midnight Sky Chalk-Based Paint.
Tall numbered dresser #DIY #paintedfurniture #numbered - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
You can really see the difference from one coat to the next…
Tall numbered dresser #DIY #paintedfurniture #numbered - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
After it dried overnight I used some yellow frog tape (for delicate surfaces) to tape off a stripe. I used a pad of paper to keep my spacing even along one side and taped a line all the way down the front of the dresser…
Tall numbered dresser #DIY #paintedfurniture #numbered - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
Once the first line was taped, I used an extra piece of frog tape to help me tape a second line…I used some of my green frog tape so that the space that was painted white would be a little bit thicker then my thinner yellow delicate tape was.
Tall numbered dresser #DIY #paintedfurniture #numbered - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
Then I simply painted between the lines with white paint, two coats, and removed the tape. I used Country Chic Paint in Simplicity.
I wanted to add a circular shape to paint my numbers inside so I drew these using my roll of tape, and then filled them in with a small brush…
Tall numbered dresser #DIY #paintedfurniture #numbered - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
Here is what I would do differently:
I would paint the circles at the same time as the lines (by not taping where the circle overlaps the line… because doing the two coats of white stripes left a bit of a ridge the still showed through a little bit even once I had done three coats of white on the circles.
After the stripes/circles were dry I gave the whole dresser a good sanding and distressed all the edges and the surface paint lightly… you can see the distressing more clearly in the next few pictures.
Once dry, I used a stencil to trace the numbers onto the circles. I got my pack of stencils at Walmart a couple of years ago.
Numbered Tall Dresser in Country Chic Midnight Sky and Simplicity 10
I filled the numbers in with a small craft brush, two coats meant the numbers were still a little see through which was perfect for the distressed look I wanted.
Numbered Tall Dresser in Country Chic Midnight Sky and Simplicity 11
Then time for some clear wax. I used my wax brush to spread it on and then buffed it off with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth.
Numbered Tall Dresser in Country Chic Midnight Sky and Simplicity 12
Numbered Tall Dresser in Country Chic Midnight Sky and Simplicity 13
Numbered Tall Dresser in Country Chic Midnight Sky and Simplicity 14
Tall numbered dresser #DIY #paintedfurniture #numbered - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
My son loves how his new dresser turned out – and I love the character that the stripes and numbers gave it. We also added some faux map wallpaper to their closet for an extra little fun touch!
Thanks for reading. And remember my housie friends, HOME isn’t built in a day. Enjoy the journey!



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