Patriotic Paint Sticks

Looking to add some patriotic decorations to your house for July 4th? Take a look at some of these ideas by Carissa from Carissa Miss!

Hi everyone! It’s Carissa! I think I’m going a little crazy with all the different fun projects I have been juggling. I have all these great ideas and then get started and never finish. This is the dilemma of a lot of creatives, I think. This year, I decided I’d better just start doing and stop thinking. If it doesn’t turn out perfect or exactly how I imagined, oh well. The creative process is meant for making mistakes, getting messy, and starting over, right? I just finished this amazing farmhouse table and chairs project you read about a couple weeks ago and I seriously have at least 3 other BIG projects in the works so I decided before I bombard you with their awesomeness, I’d give you a couple smallish projects to get you ramped up.
First off, is a paint stick American Flag. It is cute, done in less than 15 minutes and basically FREE. That is my kind of craft!
Patriotic Paint Sticks #DIY #crafting #fourthofjuly -
I’m thinking of somehow incorporating paint stick decor for every season now that I see how quick it goes. All I did was grab 9 paint stirring sticks at Home Depot, glue 7 of them to two on the sides, cut the extra off the bottoms of the sides and then free-handed the stripes and stars. One coat of Devotion, Vanilla Frosting, and Midnight Sky was all it took. By the time I was done with the stripes, the blue was dry and I free-handed the star {quite obviously;)}. I didn’t even hesitate to transfer it to my entry way table as soon as I finished.
Patriotic Paint Sticks #DIY #crafting #fourthofjuly -
It’s the perfect complement to my patriotic themed entry way table. I put together separate elements that are easily swapped out with the different holidays that won’t break your budget AND let you have a little crafting fun.
Patriotic Paint Sticks #DIY #crafting #fourthofjuly -
-The patriotic tassel garland is just tissue paper and bakers twine. You probably have all the supplies already! Just pick a couple colors and go! Maybe pastels for spring and Easter, or black, orange, and white for Halloween!
-The grapevine wreath is an easy backdrop that you can add to easily. This red, white, and blue star garland is made of felt and twine. Some glamorous gold ribbon would dress it up for Christmas OR New Year’s. Leave it plain for a rustic spring backdrop.
-Free Printables. You can find them all over for the different seasons. I created a free 5×7 Patriotic printable that you can go and download here.
Patriotic Paint Sticks #DIY #crafting #fourthofjuly -
Decorating for the different seasons doesn’t have to be difficult!


Carissa {Carissa Miss}

I’m Carissa from Carissa Miss. I love all things DIY, especially trying to make my own versions of pricey designer items. Like my DIY farmhouse table, this Ikea RAST hack, or these vertical stripe curtains. I love working with e-design clients to transform a space from blah to wow! Here’s a gallery of some of the inspiration boards I’ve created.

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