Chippy Side Tables

Ashley from Dirt Stains and Paint is back with another beautiful transformation with layered distressing, Vanilla Frosting, and Elegance!

I love re-doing side tables. This has a lot to do with my desire for immediate gratification, and also with the two munchkins that demand my time more than painting allows. 🙂 Here’s how I brought these standard espresso-stained tables up to date with a shabby chic chippy finish.
First, you need to see what I was working with.
Chippy Side Tables #DIY #paintedfurniture #chippypaint -
I’ve been loving the look of multi-layer colored “patina”. And with the sun out, I’ve been really into beachy-themed colors that have a coastal feel to them. First coat, Vanilla Frosting.
Chippy Side Tables #DIY #paintedfurniture #chippypaint -
This paint seriously goes on so easy. I love it. I let it dry for a couple hours, then I was back at it again for a coat of Elegance.
Once that was dry, I took my palm sander (with 220 grit sandpaper) and went to town. The goal was to achieve the look of “chipping” in multiple layers – so you needed to see the Vanilla Frosting and the original espresso stain. This is the type of contrast I love!
Chippy Side Tables #DIY #paintedfurniture #chippypaint -
An electric palm sander isn’t necessary (you can try the wet distressing technique like I used here and here), but as a time saver I seriously love mine. The trick to achieve this look is to gently sand your piece, being conscious to not press too hard, so that you don’t sand right through your layers of paint and even your original finish. And then, use a fine grit to achieve that super soft-to-the-touch feel when done!
Once done sanding, I sucked up the excess dust with my shop-vac, applied some Tough Coat covering all surfaces on both tables using a rubber ducky sponge (evidence of a toddler mom, I know), and voila – side tables finished!
Chippy Side Tables #DIY #paintedfurniture #chippypaint -
I was extremely pleased with the finished result, and am just loving the layered “worn” feel that Elegance and Vanilla Frosting brings to a space. Can’t wait to try my hand at more layering!
Chippy Side Tables #DIY #paintedfurniture #chippypaint -
What’s your favorite layering combo to achieve a faux aged patina look? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Ashley {Dirt Stains and Paint}

I’m Ashley from Dirt Stains and Paint. I’m a Seattle girl that specializes in allowing my house of boys to transform their clothes with au natural dirt stains outside, while I tackle adding “old character” to our new construction home through all sorts of DIY projects. Always working on a budget, most projects start at the thrift store and get transformed with new paint! You’ll see that I love most things with a distressed finished, a farmhouse flare, and everything rustic in between.

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