Fabric Painted Chair

Sarah from Life on Virginia Street tried out fabric painting on this chair in Harmony and Brandy. What a transformation!

I’ve seen a lot of buzz around the internet lately about people using chalk-based paint to paint upholstery. I had read mixed reviews about the process but knew this was a project I definitely wanted to give a try!
I started with an old $15 Craig’s List find. A few years back I had good intentions of reupholstering it and refinishing all the wood. And then it sat in my basement. For at least the last two years. One of my cats claimed it as his own so I knew there was no chance I could take it away from him. But, I figured he wouldn’t mind a little makeover!
Supplies used:
– Country Chic Paint in Harmony {on the fabric}
– Country Chic Paint in Brandy {on the wood portions}
– Country Chic Paint Antiquing Wax
– Country Chic Paint Waxing Brush
– A soft bristle paint brush
– A spray bottle filled with water
– If you plan to have real people {not cats} use the chair, I would also recommended using a fabric medium to soften up the fabric as it gets painted. The water helps, but my fabric was still very firm {slightly firmer than canvas}.
Unfortunately I didn’t get a “before” shot of the chair until I had sprayed it with some water and added a little paint.
Painted Fabric Chair #DIY #fabricpainting #paintedfurniture - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
I sprayed the fabric down with water in each area prior to painting it. I found that this fabric actually bled into the paint during the first coat {likely due to me spraying it with water}. After one coat, the coverage was slightly streaky, but overall still good.
Painted Fabric Chair #DIY #fabricpainting #paintedfurniture - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
But, after a second coat of paint, the maroon/mauve fabric was fully covered. You’ll note that since I was using a chalk-based paint, I wasn’t too concerned about the paint for the fabric getting on the wood during either of the coats because I knew the next step would take care of it.
After the second coat had fully dried, I taped off the fabric to paint the wood. I used a ‘delicate surface’ painter’s tape for fear the paint would pull off the fabric. However, that was not the case at all, and I would actually recommend regular painter’s tape {the delicate had a hard time sticking}.
I applied one coat of Brandy to all of the wood surfaces. I was going for a wood-like look, so I didn’t want a solid layer of paint – more of a streaky look to imitate wood grain.
Painted Fabric Chair #DIY #fabricpainting #paintedfurniture - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
Painted Fabric Chair #DIY #fabricpainting #paintedfurniture - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
Once the paint on the wood had fully dried, I applied a heavy coat of the Antiquing Wax. I loved the richness this added when paired with the Brandy paint. I took special care to ensure the wax was fully in the grooves of the detail-work on the chair.
Painted Fabric Chair #DIY #fabricpainting #paintedfurniture - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
I allowed it to sit for about an hour before buffing it off. I left a cleaner look on the main areas of the woodwork, but left a little wax behind in the grooves to add additional character and depth to the piece.
Painted Fabric Chair #DIY #fabricpainting #paintedfurniture - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
Painted Fabric Chair #DIY #fabricpainting #paintedfurniture - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
Painted Fabric Chair #DIY #fabricpainting #paintedfurniture - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
I love how it turned out and I’m fairly certain it no longer looks like a $15 chair!


Sarah {Life on Virginia Street}

I’m Sarah and I blog at Life on Virginia Street. I’m a 30-something executive in the financial services industry living in Omaha, Nebraska. My blog is a space for me to share things I love: decorating, design, DIY projects, fabric, fashion, food, music, paint, photography and travel. Really anything that has absolutely nothing to do with my day-to-day office life. We just purchased our third home and are in the process of making it truly “ours”!

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Jan Korteland

Jan Korteland

2 thoughts on “Fabric Painted Chair

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I am so curious about how painted fabric holds up and if you notice wear or any transfer to say, your clothes after sitting in the chair. I want to try it but I’m a little nervous.

    1. Hi Ann,

      Those are great questions! Once cured, our paint is very durable so you shouldn’t see any transfer to clothing. If you’re still nervous about trying it out, you can always start with a small project like a cushion cover or a tea towel to see how you like the effect. We’ve even tested putting painted fabric through the wash after it’s cured and it holds up very well!

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