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Today we’d like to formally introduce you to one of our wonderful retailers, Lisa Kroese from Expert Estate Sales LLC! Read on to learn a bit about their shop and what inspires them.

Expert Estate Sales LLC
Tehachapi, CA

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Lisa and her husband Stephen Kroese in their shop.
Expert Estates LLC is conveniently located just off of the 58 in Tehachapi, CA. We are located in a beautiful mountain high desert town full of charm perfect for a day trip from Los Angeles or on the way to Vegas from Northern CA. We are estate liquidation specialists and personal property appraisers. We opened our storefront location in 2013. We have an inventory that is always changing since we get so many estates. We carry Country Chic Paint and a line of organic handmade home cleaning products. You can find all kinds of retro, vintage and antique furniture, home goods, art, glass, china and even tools and kitchenware at our store.
I started my estate sale business after moving to California in 2010. We moved here so that my husband could work on his dream job designing software for a rocket motor in Mojave. My daughter, Vivian, was born in August and I was new to the area and ready for a new business venture. I had a background in art appraisals and I had auction experience. I always loved estate sales and knew I could do a great job in staging and researching people’s lifetime of collections as am estate seller. Our motto is “From One Good Home to Another” because we love to find new homes for family heirlooms.
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When we moved, someone free cycled a crib and changing table, I picked them up and envisioned painting them before the baby was born. I was in my third trimester of pregnancy and all the paint chemicals kept making me nauseated. I was in an apartment and had a hard time working outside in the summer heat. I kept thinking there had to be a better paint product for home projects! I was so happy with the first piece we painted with CCP. It was a little vintage 1940s drum coffee table. It was chipped and the tooled leather top was full of stains. We did the leather with a blackboard paint and painted the rest with elegance. The table was adorable and my 3 year old loved drawing on it whenever we were at the store (until it sold!).
One of my estate sale clients once told me about a person she bumped into who had been at the estate sale we ran for her. The estate sale client was so happy that we had found a new home for something she had once cherished but no longer had room for in her life. It was a great day for us because that is exactly what we want to do – we repurpose, reuse and re-home entire estates. Everything from a collection of beach glass to a vintage dresser to the cotton balls in the bathroom can have a grateful new owner with the right estate sale strategy.
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We offer CCP for a lot of reasons. First, I wanted to offer the paint product that I was looking for but couldn’t find when I was trying to set up my nursery. Second, we always come across vintage furniture with great structure that just needs a little extra love to go from eh to vavoom! And if we paint something in our store someone who buys that piece can get a whole new look at home if they choose to buy some paint and redo a room in the same color or one that compliments it! We also love having products that are Eco friendly and that make homes more habitable – any product that has no VOCs is of interest to our shoppers. It is just a win all around.
We just started carrying CCP so this far, we are just loving getting to know it and our favorite part is how quickly we can transform things.
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Lisa and her mom, Veronica Mihalic at her sister’s wedding.
On Tuesday, July 22nd we have our one year anniversary celebration at the store between 4 and 6 pm. We are located at 151 North Mill Street in Tehachapi, CA. We will be starting painting workshops in August. Stay in touch with us on Etsy (eestates), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (eestates) and Pinterest.
In the future we would love having a regular CCP painting workshop group, to have a full selection of CCP paint and to offer in house custom furniture painting, upholstery and restoration services at our store.

Rosanne Korteland
Rosanne Korteland owner at Country Chic Paint

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