Starfish American Flag

Jen from Migonis Home created this patriotic flag with starfish stars just in time for Independence Day!

This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite projects I’ve made thus far. We made a starfish American flag for the fence surrounding our property.
Starfish Flag #DIY #crafting #fourthofjuly -
It’s almost embarrassing how easy this was, we whipped it up right before July 4th. Here are the steps:
1. Purchase 13 fence pickets at your local home improvement store. Have them cut them in half. At our Home Depot each picket was only $1.
2. Purchase starfish. I got mine at Christmas Tree Shops, primarily a store in New England but I know there are online shops and craft stores that sell them (AC Moore and Michaels both do!).
3. Arrange the starfish in the pattern you want so you know how large to make your navy square. Country Chic Paint’s color Midnight Sky would be perfect for this!
Starfish Flag #DIY #crafting #fourthofjuly -
4. Paint every other board with your red and white. I darkened the Country Chic Paint color Devotion with a little bit of their Dark Roast to make a darker red for a more vintagey feel. I then used Country Chic Paint’s color Cheesecake, more of an off-white, for the opposite stripes. The off white coordinated much better with the starfish that were a dirty white.
5. Secure the pickets to the back with two pieces of one inch wide craft wood, I found this at Home Depot, but you can really just use any board that’ll secure all the pickets together. Make sure your nail points don’t pop through the front.
Starfish Flag #DIY #crafting #fourthofjuly -
When you place the stars on the flag make sure you have positioned all 13 exactly how you want them so that you’ll be sure they fit. Then simply use a glue gun to secure them. Make sure you glue them while the flag is lying flat, they’ll secure much better to the wood.
Starfish Flag #DIY #crafting #fourthofjuly -
Starfish Flag #DIY #crafting #fourthofjuly -


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