Faux Oxidized Copper Tutorial

Do you love the look of oxidized copper? In this post, Rachel from Maison de Pax tells us how to achieve that look with Chocolate Tart, a mixture of Vanilla Frosting and Tropical Cocktail, and some gold wax!

Hi Country Chic Paint fans! It’s Rachel again from Maison de Pax, and I am very excited to share with you today a tutorial on how you can use Country Chic Paint products to create a faux oxidized copper finish.
Faux Oxidized Copper Tutorial #DIY #crafting #oxidizedcopper - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
The beauty of Country Chic Paint is that you can play with it: it mixes well, layers well, distresses well, and has literally endless possibilities for amazing results. I recently acquired that gorgeous tall candlestick, and I loved the finish so much that I decided to undergo a little creativity therapy and try to replicate it.
Faux Oxidized Copper Tutorial #DIY #crafting #oxidizedcopper - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
To do so, I found some old glass tea light holders that had seen better days… I’d say they’re much improved now.
Faux Oxidized Copper Tutorial #DIY #crafting #oxidizedcopper - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
The process involves quite a few steps, but each is quick and easy:
Faux Oxidized Copper Tutorial #DIY #crafting #oxidizedcopper - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
1. Sand object to be painted (not normally required with chalk-based paints, but these had paint flaking off… it’s always important to remove any flaking paint).
2. Paint with CCP Chocolate Tart (in retrospect, a combo of Chocolate Tart and Brandy might have been better)…let dry a full day.
3. Wax with CCP gold wax (this imitates the shimmer of real copper and provides a resist for your next layer).
4. Paint with a 1:2 mixture of CCP Vanilla Frosting: Tropical Cocktail…do NOT let it dry.
5. While paint is still wet, spritz with a spray bottle of water and watch the paint run…rub it in places if desired to allow more of the underneath layers to show through.
6. Wax with clear wax to seal (feel free to use some dark and/or gold wax in places to create greater variation).
You’re probably asking why there is a box of Corn Starch in the last picture… True oxidized copper has a chalky finish (which looks a lot like non-sealed chalk-based paint). I wanted to seal my work with wax, but I didn’t want the sheen of wax. I originally thought about using baby power (which I think would work great), but the cornstarch was closer. Brutal honesty here, folks. 😉 Anyway, just rub a pinch of cornstarch or powder into the wax to remove the shine.
Faux Oxidized Copper Tutorial #DIY #crafting #oxidizedcopper - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog
And that’s it! I love these little tea light holders with their new dynamic finish, but wouldn’t this same technique be amazing on an old metal plant stand? Or an intricately carved frame? Or a metal figurine? The possibilities are almost endless!
Faux Oxidized Copper Tutorial #DIY #crafting #oxidizedcopper - www.countrychicpaint.com/blog


Rachel {Maison de Pax}

I’m Rachel from Maison de Pax, and I am so honored to be a part of the Country Chic Paint blogger squad. At Maison de Pax, we are working to renovate, redecorate, and rejuvenate our 1940 colonial to be a place where peace can be found; feel free to tour our home if you’d like. Our most recent focus has been our attic renovation, but for years I have loved to make over old file cabinets, paint mason jars, and create my own decor on a budget. With Country Chic Paint, I’ve already created a chippy side table, painted a “sunbleached” look, and gilded a frame… I love the endless possibilities!

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