Introducing…Mikki’s Frame Shop!

Today we’d like to introduce you to another of our fabulous retailers, Mikki Kavich from Mikki’s Frame Shop! Read on to learn a bit about her shop and why she’s passionate about her work.

Mikki’s Frame Shop
Crossville, TN

I own a custom frame shop and the bulk of what I do is framing. I decided to try out paint in my gift section of my shop after seeing the great makeovers online. This part of my business has now grown into a second almost full time business! I am located in Crossville, TN about half way between Nashville and Knoxville right off I-40. I am one of two Master Certified Picture Framers in Tennessee and one of 65 in the world.
I started in framing while in art school and in 2006 I opened my own frame shop. My interest in art made picture framing a natural thing.
I have been painting furniture in oil with gilders paste accents for years and hated working with oil paint but kept wanting to change a piece of furniture or a frame finish so I kept painting and hating the process. I painted my first piece of furniture with Country Chic Paint a couple months ago and can not quit buying furniture and painting! My first piece was an occasional table painted with Tropical Cocktail and Luscious Lime! It was BEAUTIFUL!
Mikki's Frame Shop -
In framing when we make someone cry when they see their finish piece we know we touched their heart. In painted furniture someone saying “that piece is sooo ugly I am going to throw it away” then they try the paint and tell me they LOVE IT is the biggest compliment we could ever receive!
Mikki's Frame Shop -
Mikki's Frame Shop -
I saw a post by a blogger on my Facebook page one evening after I had been researching chalk based paints so I e-mailed CCP that night. The next morning when I got to work I had an answer to my e-mail and I was so please at the quick response. I looked deeper into the company and talked to them and I can’t thank that blogger enough for her post. I love CCP and most especially the people at CCP. Also I saw on the inspiration page a dresser painted in Elegance and I loved that piece so much I wanted that paint! I just finally purchased a dresser like it after a long search so that I can HAVE that dresser for a TV stand!
My favorite project I’ve done with Country Chic Paint is this green cabinet below:
Mikki's Frame Shop -
I do free paint classes 3 weeks a month on Thursday nights at the shop. We start at 5 and get done around 6:30. In class we do one or two small projects that the student cane take home with them.
Mikki's Frame Shop -
I hope to grow into a go to place for all the DIY painters in and around my area. And I want to paint my hideous kitchen cabinets!
The product quality and beauty in labeling at CCP make it easy to sell but the people behind the company make it a joy to sell!

Rosanne Korteland
Rosanne Korteland owner at Country Chic Paint

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