Find out why Deneen & Mikki love Country Chic Paint

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Country Chic Paint retailer? Check out these testimonials from Mikki’s Frame Shop and Dreamingincolor to find out!

Come meet two of our fabulous retailers:

Deneen from Dreamingincolor

Why did you decide to start offering a paint line to your customers?
Mikki: I was looking for a new idea for my gift section and came across lots of beautiful pieces repainted on Pinterest and that started my hunt for more info on milk and chalk based paints.
Deneen: I knew there was a need in my area to offer quality chalk based paint. I also wanted the convenience of having the paint on hand. Offering classes helps bring people in too.
What was the reason you decided to carry Country Chic Paint?
Mikki: I saw a post on Facebook one night from a blogger I found and she mentioned [Country Chic Paint]. I e-mailed that night at 7:00 pm CST and had a reply when I got to work the next morning. I looked further into the website and talked to you guys a couple of times and thought you seemed like a great company. Then on the inspiration page I think I saw the Migonis Home blue TV/dresser re-do and that was it I never looked further for another company. Your inspiration photos sell the paint. Turns out you all are more than great and have been a joy to work with.
Deneen: As an artist, I wanted something that was easy to manipulate when doing techniques. I wanted colors that were popular and pleasing to the eye. But the No VOC’s was the clincher.
What does Country Chic Paint do that others don’t?
Mikki: Your labeling is so beautiful it makes people love the paint even before they try it. Then when they find out about the paint they love it more.
Deneen: Good customer service! No VOC’s! It is also very easy to become a dealer.
How long have you had Country Chic Paint on your shelves? And what has the response been from your customers so far?
Mikki: Three months, I think. The response has been overwhelming in a good way. That area of my shop has never paid for it’s square footage like it does now. The paint draws more and more people into my store and that is great for my entire business.
Deneen: I believe I started carrying CCP [5 months ago]. My customers love the paint and often compare it to more popular chalk based paint companies. They keep coming back! They love it for the same reasons I do.
Would you refer us to others?
Mikki: Always! I have never worked with a more customer caring business since I have been in business and your products are fabulous so you make an all around perfect company to recommend to others.
Deneen: Yes!! I have to say that even when there was a problem, you all handled it responsibly, prompt and were very curious during the process.I think if you keep up what you have been doing, CCP will continue to grow.

Rosanne Korteland
Rosanne Korteland owner at Country Chic Paint

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