Bathroom Wall Makeover

Carissa from Carissa Miss renovated her bathroom and decided to create an accent wall with Country Chic Paint in Midnight Sky!

I have been working on this little bathroom makeover for months now and I’m so excited to reveal the finished product. Drum roll please…
Bathroom Wall makeover #DIY #wallpainting #bathroommakeover -
I used my Home Right EZ Twist Paint Stick and the paint went on SOOO quickly and evenly. With such a matte color every little stroke shows.
Bathroom Wall makeover #DIY #wallpainting #bathroommakeover -
The color is Midnight Sky and that is an apt description. To prep I painted the board and batten first with my Home Right Finish Max Pro and then taped off the accent wall.
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2 coats later and it was done. I only used 1 pint!
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Sitting down across from the wall you feel like you’re looking into the night sky.
Bathroom Wall makeover #DIY #wallpainting #bathroommakeover -
I put these hooks in place of the towel rod. Love them.
Bathroom Wall makeover #DIY #wallpainting #bathroommakeover -
The rest of the information on the bathroom is available on my blog!
Bathroom Wall makeover #DIY #wallpainting #bathroommakeover -
Bathroom Wall makeover #DIY #wallpainting #bathroommakeover -
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