Salt Dough Christmas Craft with Image Transfer Medium

Randa from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen made some beautiful Salt Dough Christmas Crafts with Image Transfer Medium!

I am not a crafty woman. I have always wanted to be and have tried many times on The Bewitchin’ Kitchen but there is a reason why you don’t see too many crafts on the blog.
I have been wanting to do a project with Country Chic Paint’s Image Transfer Medium for a while now, I have had a sample jar of it for a few months but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with it. All I knew is that I wanted to use it to transfer a photo and make something heartfelt.
I clearly had some big dreams
A few days ago I was reflected on the salt dough craft I made all the grandmas last Christmas and decided I would go that route again.
Salt Dough Christmas Craft with Image Transfer #imagetransfer #christmascraft -
Salt dough crafts are easy.

How To Make Salt Dough:
First of all I needed to make salt dough, which is really easy.
1/2 cup salt
1 cup flour (I used whole wheat because it was all I had but all purpose would be your best bet for a cleaner looking ornament)
1/2 cup water
Simply knead the dough until it’s smooth and combined. Shape it to what you want and pop it in a 200 degree oven for an hour (or until fully dry).
Salt Dough Christmas Craft with Image Transfer #imagetransfer #christmascraft -
Once the dough was cooled, I printed out a photo on plain paper and grabbed my Image Transfer Medium.
Salt Dough Christmas Craft with Image Transfer #imagetransfer #christmascraft -
I applied a generous amount of the Image Transfer Medium to the print side of the image.
Salt Dough Christmas Craft with Image Transfer #imagetransfer #christmascraft -
I then flipped it over and laid it over the hardened salt dough craft from earlier. Keep in mind that your image will be mirror, so if you want it to look the same as what it does on the paper, flip it horizontally in your print settings.

Salt Dough Christmas Craft with Image Transfer #imagetransfer #christmascraft -
Salt Dough Christmas Craft with Image Transfer #imagetransfer #christmascraft -
Let set for a minimum two hours, the longer you wait – the better. I waited almost three hours.
Take a wet cloth and gently start rubbing the paper. Go easy on your pressure at first until you get the hang of it. You will see the paper start to peel but if the actual image is coming off with it, stop what you’re doing and let the image transfer sit a bit longer.
At first I was worried with out pin the image was while the transfer was sitting, I was relieved that once the paper was being removed that the original color was coming through.
I took a Sharpie and wrote down the date, but now looking back I wish I didn’t do that. I wish I printed off the information in a nice font and used the Image Transfer, oh well – lesson learned. I know what to do next year now.
Salt Dough Christmas Craft with Image Transfer #imagetransfer #christmascraft -
I used Country Chic Paint’s Tough Coat to seal it and let it dry over night before touching it.
It was a pretty easy craft and I do like how it looks rustic and almost vintage, the whole wheat dough helps with that as well.


Randa Derkson {The Bewitchin’ Kitchen}

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