KitchenAid Hack Using Transfer Medium

Randa from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen personalized her KitchenAid using Image Transfer Medium!

My KitchenAid mixer is something I proudly display on my kitchen countertops. It’s a beautiful yellow but I wanted something more, so I customized it (with a little help with Country Chic Paint).
There was nothing wrong with it. I just felt like it was missing a little pop. I always said with my next one (I previously had one that was on it’s last legs) I would bedazzle it but after hemming and hawing I realized that it would be tough to clean. The last thing I wanted was to be scraping dough odd my mixer for hours.
KitchenAid Hack #kitchenaidhack #transfermedium #appliancemakeover -
I was creating my Salt Dough Image Transfer project for another post and then it hit me, I should use the Image Transfer Medium from Country Chic Paint. The big question now was, what do I do? What do I want to display on proudly on my stand mixer for all to see?
My blog logo.
KitchenAid Hack #kitchenaidhack #transfermedium #appliancemakeover -
I had just created this baby and was really proud (still am) so I thought it was perfect! So I printed out my logo, and made my first mistake.
It was the wrong way.
KitchenAid Hack #kitchenaidhack #transfermedium #appliancemakeover -
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When doing an image transfer the product will be mirror, so make sure when you print it – it’s the opposite way.
KitchenAid Hack #kitchenaidhack #transfermedium #appliancemakeover -
Lucky for me I realized it as soon as it went on. So I was able to easily pull it off, flip my logo in Photoshop and print it again.
Cover what you want transferred with the Image Transfer Medium, don’t lay it out too thick but make sure everything is covered. Apply it and let it sit for at least two hours, the longer you wait – the better.
KitchenAid Hack #kitchenaidhack #transfermedium #appliancemakeover -
After you have waited, take a damp rag or cloth and gently begin to rub the paper off. The ink will stay behind on the product.
I was having a tough time with the paper, so I let it dry completely again and started over, I just had to easy pressure is some parts as it was beginning to lift the font.
KitchenAid Hack #kitchenaidhack #transfermedium #appliancemakeover -
KitchenAid Hack #kitchenaidhack #transfermedium #appliancemakeover -
That’s how I customized my KitchenAid Stand Mixer. What will you use the Image Transfer Medium for?


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