Meet Our 2015 Blogger Squad!

Come meet our incredible new team of bloggers! The 2015 Blog Squad will be bringing you tons of inspiring projects on how to transform hopeless looking thrift store finds into stunning decor pieces for your home. Some of our bloggers have lots of experience with furniture painting and some have very little to no experience at all. They will show you that furniture painting projects with Country Chic Paint are not only fun, but so easy that anyone can do it!


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Click the links below to find their blogs and to see all the fantastic projects they’re working on!


Ann from Farmhouse Blues: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Bre from Average But Inspired: blog,  Facebook, and Pinterest

Caitlin from Little City Farmhouse: blog,  Facebook, and Instagram

Heidi from Lily Field Furniture: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Jessica from Loveleigh Creative Soul: blog, Facebook, and  Instagram

Kadie from Seven Alive: blog, Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Karen from Somewhat Quirky Designs: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Karen from Karen Hockman Interiors: blog,  Facebook, and  Pinterest

Kathy from The Salvaged Boutique: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Kristy from Robb Restyle: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Linda from Hello I Live Here: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Lindsey from Everyday Originals: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Maria from Countryside Heirlooms: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Mary from Orphans With MakeUp: blog,  Facebook, and  Pinterest

Michele from Shelstring: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Michelle from Dandelion Patina: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Robin from Redo It Yourself Inspirations: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Sara from Major Hoff Takes a Wife: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram

Sarah from Little Red Brick House: blog,  Facebook,  Pinterest, and  Instagram


We will continue accepting applications throughout the year so if you’d like to be a part of this talented, enthusiastic team of ladies, we would love for you to fill out this application form!

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