And The Winners Are …

The results are in, and we are so pleased to announce our winners for our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest contests!

We were totally thrilled to officially launch our newest addition to the Country Chic line, Metallic Accent Cream. This gorgeous cream allows you to add a bit of shabby-chic shine to your next project in four stunning colors:
– Trigger (pewter)
– Pocket Watch (gold)
– Belt Buckle (bronze)
– Silver Bullet (silver)
We really wanted to celebrate the introduction of this new product, and got a great response from everybody when it was released! We love contests, and we LOVE our Metallic Accent Cream and we thought you guys would, too! And to top it off, for some lucky winners it is FREE! So without further ado, the winners of our Metallic Accent Cream are:
From Facebook: Carisah Hayes
From Pinterest: Brenda Towsley
From Instagram: slkelly5
We can’t forget about our new Embossing Plaster, though! With our new Embossing Plaster, you now have the ability to add some texture to your piece! Whether you’re adding texture to your entire piece, or adding raised stenciled detailing, Embossing Plaster is the perfect product; and it’s available in three different colors to closely match the shade of wood you’re working with. They are:
– Creamed Honey (light brown tone)
– Praline (medium brown tone)
– Roasted Chestnut (dark brown tone)
Once again, we were through the roof with excitement for the launch of another new product! We wanted everyone out there to be able to try this rich, smooth plaster, so we decided to hold yet another contest for a few lucky DIY-ers! Congratulations to:
From Facebook: Tiffany Copper
From Pinterest: Tammy Rocha
From Instagram: adkramp11

Congrats to our big winners, and a huge thank you to all of you for continuously showing your love for Country Chic Paint!

If you are one of the lucky winners, please email us at with your full address details so we can ship out your prize to you!

Rosanne Korteland
Rosanne Korteland owner at Country Chic Paint

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  1. Thank you! So excited to have won! I have a lot of projects stacked up to try this new product on. I already sent you a note with my address!

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