Funky Farmhouse Table

Jessica from Loveleigh Creative Soul matched the gorgeous wood color of this piece with Fresh Mustard for a combo that can’t be beat! Read more in this post for some of her tips on how to use Tough Coat and waxes.

This table was such a fun project. I love mixing textures and mediums. My vision for this coffee table really wasn’t complete until I looked at it and said “Okay. It’s done.” This coffee table lived in my 22-year-old brothers apartment for a year or so, and I acquired it in fairly good condition.
For this project I used:

  • 100 grit sand sponge
  • CCP Fresh Mustard
  • CCP Vanilla Frosting
  • CCP Tough Coat
  • CCP Antiquing Wax
  • CCP White Wax
  • Walnut Wood Stain
  • CCP wax brush
  • CCP synthetic bristle paint brush
  • clean dry rags
  • gloves (for staining)
  • Hammer
  • 10 foot pine board cut to size (most hardware companies will include at least one cut in the price of the wood if you don’t have a saw)
  • chop saw
  • wood screws
  • drill

Funky Farmhouse Table #DIY #mustard #furniturepainting #farmhouse -
The table was spray painted black when I started. I wanted to finish it off with Fresh Mustard, so I decided to prime with Vanilla Frosting to allow the yellow tone to dry nice and bright (yellow on black would require more coats for the finish I had in mind).
Funky Farmhouse Table #DIY #mustard #furniturepainting #farmhouse -
Luckily the table didn’t need much surface prep. I cleaned it up with a damp paper towel, took off some old hardware on the legs, and after it dried I evened out the surface with a 100 grit sanding sponge. I used a synthetic bristled Country Chic paint brush and applied two coats of Vanilla Frosting, covering the original black. Using the same brush I applied 3 coats of Fresh Mustard, lightly sanding between each coat (after fully drying) to even the layers. I didn’t put elbow grease into my sand job until the last coat. I worked through the Fresh Mustard to reveal some of the Vanilla Frosting and even the original black layer. I hit the corners and raised areas on the legs to show some light distressing. I finished off the painted base with Country Chic’s White Wax.
Funky Farmhouse Table #DIY #mustard #furniturepainting #farmhouse -
I applied the wax with a Country Chic wax brush and buffed it in with a clean cloth. I’m fairly new to the use of wax brushes… they are phenomenal. There’s almost no possibility to make a mistake or mess-up when it comes to using waxes. I waxed the corners to lighten up the black bottom layer of distress and smooth out the Vanilla Frosting into the yellow. I chose white wax because I really wanted the yellow color to be seen for it’s true glory straight from the can. The white added a little softness and helped all of the colors work together.
Funky Farmhouse Table #DIY #mustard #furniturepainting #farmhouse -
I love the look of stained wood and bright paint colors. I married a man who wears denim on denim (cowboy) and he loves his wood grain on wood grain! Luckily, he doesn’t have to live with most of my projects as they usually (fingers crossed) are sold. I decided to add stained pine planks as the table top to appeal to a wide range of decor options. The planks were purchased raw from a local wood supply. I distressed the heck out of them with both sides of a hammer and a flat head screwdriver. I was careful not to cause any bruises to the bottom side of the boards so they would lie flat on the table. After distressing I applied two coats (see stain can for specific application instructions) of stain using a clean rag and gloves. I applied a generous-to-too much amount, I wanted a rich color. The stain set for about 3 minutes and I wiped it with a clean cloth.
To seal the planks I used Country Chic’s Tough Coat. Let’s talk about this product for a second, I’ve used this stuff inside with my kids sleeping in the next room. It is virtually odorless, dries fast, clear, and it’s water based, so clean up is a breeze. You can use this product on a dining room table, or wooden high chair even! I used the same synthetic brush to apply the top coat. If you’re looking for a super smooth seal I would go with a foam brush. After it dried I took a piece of old (clean) mail (envelope) and rubbed the boards to smooth the seal without scratching the surface. Since I used a paintbrush I had a few bubbles to work over. The envelope did the trick. Trying not to stroke over drying areas, I brushed an even coat over both planks, including the sides. A note for clear coats do NOT shake the can pre-use. You will be fighting mega bubbles. Simply stir with a clean stir stick, spoon, screwdriver, whatever. Just as long as it doesn’t cause air to build creating bubbles. And it must be clean! Or you’ll see the lint specks on your project.
I made sure my seal application completely dry before attaching the top to the base. The planks were attached with 12 wood screws from the bottom side of the table. A little sneaky tip: I realized when I was taking photos of the table, I had forgotten to stain the bottom side of the planks. I grabbed my antiquing wax and rubbed in a fair amount, it worked like a charm. The difference between the stain and the wax isn’t noticeable and it was super quick, clean and didn’t alter the look of the yellow base one bit.
Funky Farmhouse Table #DIY #mustard #furniturepainting #farmhouse -
I’m pleased with how this project finished up. Sometimes projects without an initial completed vision are the most fun- the pressure is off and you can stop when you are satisfied with what you see.
Funky Farmhouse Table #DIY #mustard #furniturepainting #farmhouse -
Happy painting!

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