Charming Turquoise Dresser

Ann from Farmhouse Blues Interiors used a mix of Bliss and Elegance topped with a white-wash of Vanilla Frosting to create this charming turquoise dresser!

Hi All! I’m Ann from Farmhouse Blues Interiors and I am excited to share my first project as a guest blogger here at Country Chic Paint. Bureaus are my favorite pieces to update, so I knew I wanted my first Country Chic makeover to be one of those. I found this beauty at a local second hand store and was smitten with the rounded drawer fronts, side detailing, and sweet carved legs. I wish I had a before picture but, alas, I forgot to take one! So here it is all prettied up…
Charming Turquoise Dresser #DIY #furniturepainting #colormixing #whitewashing -
Because it has been such a harsh winter here in New England with the calendar indicating Spring but all other signs still pointing to winter, I wanted to makeover this piece in a color that felt like…well…Spring. I started by combining Bliss and Elegance in a 50/50 ratio, giving me a nice turquoise. Mixing Country Chic paint is super easy and well explained by Country Chic founder Roseanne in one of their latest videos, check it out here.
Charming Turquoise Dresser #DIY #furniturepainting #colormixing #whitewashing -
Country Chic paint covers incredibly well. But because I wanted to create a soft, weathered look on this piece, I thinned the turquoise out with water and applied the first coat very thin allowing some of the wood to show through. After that was completely dry, I applied a second thin coat. Because my goal was a soft, muted color, I added a wash of Vanilla Frosting after both coats of the Bliss/Elegance mixture were dry. I did this by mixing Vanilla Frosting with water in roughly a ratio of two parts paint to one part water. I then applied that over the turquoise, wiping off the excess and rubbing the white color into the turquoise to soften it. Roseanne also does a great job of explaining how to white wash wood, see that video here.
In this photo all but the top large drawer have both the Bliss/Elegance mixture and the Vanilla Frosting wash. You can see how the wash softens and lightens the color.
Charming Turquoise Dresser #DIY #furniturepainting #colormixing #whitewashing -
I next sanded the flat surfaces with fine grit sandpaper to ensure the piece was super smooth, blend the colors, and expose just a bit more of the wood grain. I then highlighted the details and edges by distressing them with fine grit sandpaper. Finally, I finished the bureau with clear wax, a gentle buffing, and added large glass knobs.

Charming Turquoise Dresser #DIY #furniturepainting #colormixing #whitewashing -
Charming Turquoise Dresser #DIY #furniturepainting #colormixing #whitewashing -
Charming Turquoise Dresser #DIY #furniturepainting #colormixing #whitewashing -
Charming Turquoise Dresser #DIY #furniturepainting #colormixing #whitewashing -
Despite the snow that is still piled up outside, this piece feels a bit like Spring to me. How about you?

2015 Blogger Squad #DIY #furniturepainting -

Ann {Farmhouse Blues}

I’m Ann and along with my husband and two lively boys, live just north of Boston in a picturesque small town. And though I named my business Farmhouse Blues three years ago, it was just last year that we moved into a sweet little blue house overlooking a farm. It was meant to be! After my career as an airline pilot was suddenly halted by the events on 9/11, I dabbled in a few other areas but seem to have found my niche in furniture. From well-made but tired older pieces, I strive to create home furnishings that are fresh, inspired, and unique. Just recently I opened up my own space in a beautifully renovated barn and am eager to see where this new adventure takes me. Thanks for reading and please feel free to check out more of my work at Farmhouse Blues.

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Jan Korteland

Jan Korteland

16 thoughts on “Charming Turquoise Dresser

  1. This dresser couldn’t be more perfect. I found this article through Pinterest as I was looking for an example of a painted antique dresser in light turquoise. Later today I pick up a beautiful antique vanity with matching mirror and chair for my bedroom. It will be turquoise next week.

    1. Hi Kisha,

      I don’t believe this particular piece required much prep work at all, but each piece you paint will likely require something different depending on the type of surface you’re working with. Make sure you check out our surface prep tutorial here!

  2. I love your dresser! I’m re doing a buffet and hutch in a beautiful light turquoise. I was wondering if i used a white wax if that would give the same effect, or would it be better to use the watered down white?

  3. How do you think this color would work with mahogany dresser and BED as a CHEST to break up so much bulky and dark furniture? I am not a big fan of matchy matchy furniture but I inherited these pieces and need to use them. Thanks for your opinion.

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