Burlap Bench Transformation

Click here to find out how Kadie from 7 Alive refinished this rustic burlap bench with Simplicity and antiquing wax!

Hello Kadie from 7 Alive. I’m so excited about today project! I used Country Chic Paint in Simplicity and Dark Wax to transform an old footstool, into something that can be used and loved again.
Before and After
My mother in law has had this foot stool since her mother passed away several years ago. It has been recovered several times and well loved.
I honestly love well loved pieces, I feel like all the dings and chips give pieces tons of character. Because I didn’t want to take away the dings and chips I didn’t sand this piece or anything. I took the top off and then painted the bottom.
Take off the cushion
The bottom was an easy paint job, I just gave it two coats in Simplicity. While it was drying I re-upholstered the top. I used a piece of burlap and stenciled a flag.
Flag top
I used painters tape to tape off my flag and Country Chic Paint to make my flag. I mixed Hurricane and Simplicity to make a light gray color.
Tape off Flag
Use a sponge brush to paint your flag, pull off the tape while the paint is still wet.
After the paint on the bottom of the stool has dried use your dark wax to bring more depth to the footstool. I used a wax brush to cover the bottom of the foot stool in dark wax. You are going to only do small parts at a time so you can wipe it back off before it dries. If you don’t have a wax brush you can use cloth to wipe on the wax.
Dark Wax

Now take a piece of cloth to wipe the wax off. The wax will stay in any part that is “lower” than the rest of the piece. Any kicks, dings, and chips are going to stand out and give the piece more character.
Waxed Leg
If the dark wax makes your piece too dark, before the dark wax dries, go back over it with clear wax. The clear wax will wipe more off the dark wax, but still leave the the dark wax in the lower spots.
After all the wax has dried, about 24 hours, go back over the piece with a cloth to buff the piece to a shine. Then I screwed the top back on the footstool.
Finished Piece
Finished up close

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Kadie {Seven Alive}

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