Roadside Salvage Tables

Karen from Somewhat Quirky Design is joining us for her very first CCP blog post today! She used Vanilla Frosting and Midnight Sky to turn these roadside finds into classic, nautical-style beauties!


I’m Karen from Somewhat Quirky Design. Today I want to show you how a little scraping and some Country Chic Paint in Midnight Sky turned these roadside picks into beauties.
Roadside Salvage Tables #DIY #salvaged #roadsidefinds #nautical -
These poor tables were abandoned by their owner. They were certainly a little worse for the wear.
Roadside Salvage Tables #DIY #salvaged #roadsidefinds #nautical -
The original paint had done a lot of flaking and several months in my garage didn’t help the situation.
Roadside Salvage Tables #DIY #salvaged #roadsidefinds #nautical -
It was about 500 below zero outside so I didn’t power sand these – which would have been my preference, just because it would have been easier. Since I was indoors I hand scraped, then sanded all of the paint off of the tops. Then I lightly sanded the rest.
I remain curious about what the pink stain was on the wood. It wasn’t a spill because it was under the paint, not on top of it. It must have been some sort of wood treatment.
I painted the whole piece with Country Chic’s Midnight Sky. The trim is Country Chic’s Vanilla Frosting.
Roadside Salvage Tables #DIY #salvaged #roadsidefinds #nautical -
They look slightly nautical to me, and I was tempted to use a nautical themed knob. But I did not.
I like the way the antique brass knobs look. They nod to nautical but aren’t such a big commitment!
Roadside Salvage Tables #DIY #salvaged #roadsidefinds #nautical -
I left the inside of the storage area white. I thought it would be easier to see what was inside if it wasn’t so dark.
Both tables are sealed with Country Chic Paint’s Natural Wax.
Roadside Salvage Tables #DIY #salvaged #roadsidefinds #nautical -
I don’t often paint with blues, but these turned out beautifully so I might have to do it again!

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Karen {Somewhat Quirky Design}

Hello! I’m Karen. I blog over at Somewhat Quirky Design. I blog about things I make, things I learn, and things I do. Oh, and cake. I make cakes and then eat them. Somewhat Quirky Design should have just been Somewhat Quirky, but somehow, someone, got that name before me! So I try to throw a thing or 10 about design onto the blog just to keep me honest.
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Seriously, I love my home and garden. I think I was born just to make stuff. Blogging gives me a chance to meet and befriend people who just might understand that!

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Jan Korteland

Jan Korteland

6 thoughts on “Roadside Salvage Tables

  1. Love the tables! I am getting ready to paint some items today and was going for my usual colors, but I have something near the Midnight Blue so I’m going with that and possible the white accents if I get brave.

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