How Well Do You Know CCP Trivia? – The Lucky Winners

Did you have fun following our recent trivia contests? We sure did. Read on to see the full list of our lucky winners!

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First off, we here at Country Chic Paint would like to thank everyone who participated in our trivia contests last week. We had a blast seeing all of your comments pouring in. Check below to see if you were one of our lucky winners!

Question 1:

Where is our northern most retailer located?
Answer: Fairbanks, Alaska
Winner: Jessica Nelles

Question 3:

In how many colors is our new Metallic Cream available?
Answer: Four (Silver Bullet, Pocket Watch, Trigger, and Belt Buckle)
Winner: Jeanine Cruse

Question 5:

What colors did Rosanne use to make a lilac color in the color mixing tutorial?
Answer: Midnight Sky, Cranberry Sauce, and Simplicity
Winner: @interiormotivesbykerri

Question 7:

What sizes does our paint come in?
Answer: Quart (32 oz), Pint (16oz), and Sample (4oz)
Winner: Jess Talkington

Question 9:

What email address can you use to contact Country Chic Paint?
Winner: Kaytlin Bailey

Question 11:

What are the names of the three girls who work in our office?
Answer: Lindsay, Sarah, and Amber
Winner: Lynn Robinson Cribbs

Question 2:

What are the names of our 6 limited edition colors?
Answer: Sunday Tea, Pink Lemonade, Sunny Side Up, Pistachio Delight, Summer Blueberries, and Wedding Cake
Winner: Nicole McLaughlin

Question 4:

What is the grand prize for the video contest that we’re currently running?
Answer: $1250 of CCP product credit
Winner: Sam Bourke

Question 6:

What colors did we just add to our standard line?
Answer: Lazy Linen, Cranberry Sauce, Rocky Mountain, Sage Advice, Cobblestone, Icicle, and Full Bloom
Winner: Kimberly Murray

Question 8:

What is our vibrant red paint color called?
Answer: Devotion
Winner: Kunkuty Katinka

Question 10:

What colors are the four vases Rosanne uses in her Metallic Cream tutorial?
Answer: Cranberry Sauce, Sweet Dreams, Elegance, and Midnight Sky
Winner: CJ Snow

Question 12:

On what toll-free number can you call us?
Answer: 1-888-523-2360
Winner: Jamie Lyn Juneau

If your name is listed above, congratulations! Each winner will receive two free pints of paint in the colors of their choice. If you’ve won and you haven’t already redeemed your prize, contact Sarah at to do so.
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