Video Tutorial Contest: Vote Now!

Voting is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated!

We were so excited with the amount of entries we got for our video tutorial contest, and we want to thank all of you who participated.

Our final winners are…

First Place: Heidi
Second Place: Talitha
Third Place: Kristy


We really enjoyed watching Talitha’s video! She shows us how to prep fabric for painting, and then creates a beautiful grain sack pattern for her pillows and seat cushion. We thought her tutorial was very informative and easy to follow. What do you think?


Kristy’s video was one of our first entries. She made a great tutorial on how to use our Image Transfer Medium on a wood sign. It’s really easy to understand, and she goes through the process step by step with you!


Heidi’s tutorial shows us how she refinished her bathroom vanity. We love the fun, creative metallic cream technique she used. Take a look!

In order to tell us your top video, all you have to do is comment below! Voting closes May 7th at 11:59 pm PST. One vote per person.

Want to see the rest of the entries? You can find them all right here on our YouTube playlist.

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353 thoughts on “Video Tutorial Contest: Vote Now!

  1. Wow, thanks, HEIDI! Who knew that I could have such sophisticated cabinetry with this easy of a process!? Thanks for sharing your vision!

    I agree, they are all amazing ideas and use of the product.

  2. I chose the image transfer video because it was the most interesting to me, BUT I learned from all 3 and thank you for all of them!!!

  3. Heidi has my vote! Appreciated the extra tips and her ease of explaining can satisfy any level of DYI!

  4. Love Talitha’s French grain sack pillow tutorial. It will add a new twist to my pillow making 🙂

  5. Love, Love the bathroom cabinet makeover! Thanks for that great tutorial! My vote goes to Heidi!

  6. Love the idea of refinishing the prefab cabinet.. what a great cost saving way to perk up your bathroom!.. I vote for Heidi!

  7. I vote for Heidi. Never thought of painting our bathroom cabinets. Think I will try it! Where do you purchase that paint?

    1. I love Heidi’s tutorial! I am definitely using that for my oak vanity in my master bathroom! Thank you!

  8. heidi’s video is my vote. This is just what we have been looking for to redo our kitchen cabinets. I’m ready to go out and buy country girl supply. Where can a be found

  9. I really enjoyed watching them all. The biggest impact for my own home would be to redo builders grade cabinets. What a tremendous cost saver this will be for many! I vote for Heidi.

  10. All three videos were informative and nicely done. I would have entertained a vote for Heidi but unfortunately she didn’t end her video on the same project piece that she began with leaving her video feeling disjointed, so, my vote goes to Talitha!!!

  11. Well done ladies. Enjoyed watching all three. Tough decision but am casting my vote for Kristy.

  12. Hi everyone,

    We just wanted to clarify the ending of Heidi’s video for you so that hopefully it makes a little more sense. After re-watching, we did notice that she shows us how to apply wax to a drawer as opposed to the cabinet doors she was previously working on, however they were all part of one bathroom vanity project which she used the same techniques on throughout. Hopefully that clears up any confusion!

  13. I loved all three projects! Many great uses for the paint and lots of tips if I want to do the same. My vote has to go to Talitha’s just for the tips and idea that I can do myself 🙂

  14. My Vote totally goes to Talitha’s project! Loved What she did and am super excited to try this out. Great tutorial!!!

  15. Hey just watched all three videos. Talitha has my vote. She makes it look so easy. Going to give it a try myself.

  16. Superfun project…I think this is an awesome way to transform a plain and ugly fabric when you have a limited budget. I vote for Talitha’s tutorial. It is Easy…quick and cheap way to redecorate cushions and chair pads. I would love to make canvas floor mats with this same tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Superfun Project! This is an awesome way to transform a plain and ugly fabric when you have a limited budget. I am voting for Talitha as I find her tutorial informative, Easy to do and cheap way to redecorate seat pads and revamping pillow cushions. I could certainly find more projects to do at home using this same technique. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Refinishing the cabinet was what I enjoyed the most. Heidi has done a fantastic job explaining and demonstrating the details I need to get started on my own.

  19. my vote is for Kristy/ Robb Restyle- I will try that for my daughters college dorm this fall!

  20. I vote for Kristy. She made the project of transferring an image onto wood seem very easy.

  21. I have never been to Talitha’s store, but after that fantastic video I definitely plan on going! My vote is for Talitha!!

  22. I’ve been dying to reupholster my chairs using French grain sack but they’re really hard to find or way out of my budget. Talitha’s tutorial was a really creative idea for reworking fabric using paint. Can’t wait to try!

  23. I like the idea of refinishing furniture/ built in but it scares me.. Heidi makes me feel like i could do it.. so i vote for Heidi!

  24. This is a new idea for me! Matching the fabric to other painted items in the room.
    Thank you Talitha!

  25. I’m getting married and we will be redoing a lot in our new (old) house.. 3 good ideas.. but i surely will use Heidi’s tutorial the most!… so HEIDI is my vote

    1. I want to let you know that I tried to delete this comment and do not know how. I did not realize that you can only vote once and I have already voted.

  26. Very well presented…practical yet simple enough for us novices to try…great job Heidi!!! You get my vote

  27. I’ve seen all 3 videos. All 3 did a good job but the project I like the best is Talitha’s. I’ve been wanting to try a fun paint project and her tutorial is a clever starter idea and really easy to follow. Not as intimidating for me to work on as a first timer. Plus who doesn’t think French grain sacks are chic?

  28. Nice work Heidi. Now maybe I can get behind my wife painting our cabinets! Thanks for all the information.

  29. Talitha’s video was really easy to follow and she had some great pointers. I’ve been trying to find the right fabric to redo my dining chairs, but now I’m just going to paint them. Thanks!!

  30. Actually tried out Talitha’s tutorial yesterday on some linen pillowcases and they turned out fab. Hubby thinks I got em at TJ Maxx.

  31. I vote for Talitha. The painted fabric pillow will make a unique gift for my mom on Mother’s Day.

  32. I’ve been researching how to refinish/paint the vanity in our main bath for a while now. Thanks Heidi for the great tips!!

  33. Love the bathroom cabinet! been wanting to do this to mine, now I know how!! Thanks Heidi!!

  34. Nice presentation – painting fabric is an easy project for me as a novice. Great job Talitha!

  35. I viewed all 3 videos. I was impressed with the everyone’s efforts, but found Talitha’s the easiest to watch by far, and could see myself actually attempting a similar project.

  36. Definitely Talitha! Looks like an inexpensive idea to freshen up my accent pillows for the summer.

  37. Good ideas after watching all 3 finalists. Thought Talitha was by far the best – easy and end product GREAT

  38. Videos were all great. My vote is for Talitha because her presentation was so well done. The pillow is charming!

  39. Step by-step tutorial by Talitha has gotten my creative juices flowing for new pillows. Excellent idea :))

  40. The other 2 tutorials were good but kinda complicated. Talithas was simple and easy to follow – she gets my vote.

  41. I like them all. but feel like Heidi is less crafting and that is where i am at… kind of over crafting and needing to work on my house… nice video tutorial.. no distracting background either.

  42. I cast my vote for Talitha because with a little paint, she made that pillow and seat cover look like it came out of a magazine. Looks so elegant!

  43. Fantastic job to all finalists! It was so fun watching alll the videos. My vote is going to Talitha. Her project is both simple and affordable and anybody can do it!!

  44. Congrats ladies you did great!! My vote goes to Talitha because her tutorial is the most doable.

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