Achieving Texture with Paint + Furniture Wax

Want to add some texture and dimension to your piece? Come see this step-by-step tutorial by Jessica from Loveleigh Creative Soul for some awesome tips and tricks! She used Hurricane and white wax to achieve this look.

Achieving Texture with Paint + Furniture Wax #DIY #texturetechniques #homedecor #paintingtechnique #tutorial -
I am all about updating pieces that I already own, to fit with my current décor style. In this tutorial I will discuss how easy it is to create a new finish with paint and wax. The vision piece for this easy makeover was a grey-whitewashed floor lamp. Rather than whitewashing the mirror frame, I used brush strokes to give dimension and texture with a chalk finish paint and furniture wax.
Achieving Texture with Paint + Furniture Wax #DIY #texturetechniques #homedecor #paintingtechnique #tutorial -
For this project I used:

  • Hurricane Country Chic Paint
  • Country Chic White Wax
  • Synthetic Bristle Brush
  • Wax Brush
  • Painters Tape (dependent on project)
  • Sandpaper
  • Razor Blade
  • Clean Cloth

Achieving Texture with Paint + Furniture Wax #DIY #texturetechniques #homedecor #paintingtechnique #tutorial -
The original (actually this mirror has had 3 previous face-lifts, it’s a part of the family!) finish on this mirror was matte, so a quick clean cloth wipe down was all the surface prep that was necessary. After taping off the inside of the frame with painters tape, I was ready to roll.
Achieving Texture with Paint + Furniture Wax #DIY #texturetechniques #homedecor #paintingtechnique #tutorial -
I used Hurricane Country Chic Paint and applied it with a synthetic bristle brush. With a very saturated brush, I painted the first layer a little thicker than a typical first layer would be. For this finish, I need paint strokes. With that being said, I painted the second layer before the first layer was entirely dry. It is possible to paint the second layer too soon, so look for your paint to “flash over” or go from a shiny wet appearance to a matte looking finish (hint- chalk paint does not dry glossy, so if it looks glossy it’s still too wet). Depending on how thick your first layer is, you should let your paint dry at least 15 minutes (your paint brush will still drag up some paint with your second coat, creating the needed texture).
Achieving Texture with Paint + Furniture Wax #DIY #texturetechniques #homedecor #paintingtechnique #tutorial -
The second coat enhances the paint strokes and creates deeper texture, allowing the wax to stand out more. Side note – your piece may need more than two coats of paint dependent on color and the base coat you’re covering.
Achieving Texture with Paint + Furniture Wax #DIY #texturetechniques #homedecor #paintingtechnique #tutoriall -
Once the paint was entirely dry, I lightly sanded the surface with medium grit sandpaper, and sanded through the new paint layers on the frames edges for added dimension.
Achieving Texture with Paint + Furniture Wax #DIY #texturetechniques #homedecor #paintingtechnique #tutorial -
Lastly, the wax application was achieved with a wax brush in a crosshatch (horizontal and vertical lines) fashion. I wanted to keep distinct lines in the finish and not create a circular or rubbed in look (the paint stroke appearance helps this effect).
Achieving Texture with Paint + Furniture Wax #DIY #texturetechniques #homedecor #paintingtechnique #tutorial -
This step is really easy, and nearly impossible to mess up. As you can see, the first swipe of wax is pretty contrasting, Country Chic’s White Wax is super malleable and will move as you need with ease using a wax brush. Waxing continuously back and forth, I covered the entire surface (don’t forget the sides!) working into the crevices and detail to enhance the look.
Achieving Texture with Paint + Furniture Wax #DIY #texturetechniques #homedecor #paintingtechnique #tutoriall -
After completing the wax application, I took a razor blade to the seam between the frame and the tape to easily remove the painters tape and to prevent any paint peeling (not likely with chalk paint, but better safe than sorry). I let the wax set a full day before returning the mirror back to the wall. Pretty simple project, with a big outcome!
Happy painting!

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