How to Paint Baskets

Come find out how Kadie from 7 Alive updated this wicker basket with some Simplicity!

It’s Kadie from back again to share another fun paint project. If you have looked at my other projects you might know I’m a bit of a second-hand store nut. I love looking through second-hand shops and finding things that have been loved and making them into something my family can use and love.
This months project is quick and easy, I found a large basket at a second-hand shop for $0.50. I loved the shape and size of the basket but the color wasn’t what I wanted. Of course changing color is easy with Country Chic Paint.

Paint a Basket

I used Country Chic Paint in Simplicity to paint the basket. Make sure you paint over some plastic because paint will drip through the openings in the basket weave. An angled stiff bristled bush works best with the basket weave. You don’t have to get into every little spot but an angled brush makes it easier to get into most spaces.
After 2 coats of Simplicity paint I lightly went over the entire basket in gold wax.
Basket 1

I like the old world feel the gold wax gives the basket. It fits makes for the perfect place to keep my yarn for crocheting, and looks great next to my old rocking chair.
How to paint a basket

I love my little reading/crocheting nook!

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Kadie {Seven Alive}

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