Magazine Rack Update

Kadie from 7 Alive used one of our Limited Edition colors, Adorned and some gold wax for this magazine rack makeover!

Hi y’all it’s Kadie from 7 Alive, back again to share another fun paint project with you. This project is a great example of how paint can transform an old tired piece of furniture into a show stopping statement piece. I’m always looking for well loved pieces of furniture to make into something that my family can love and use again.

I found this unique magazine rack at a yard sale and had to bring him home with me. I loved the shape and size of the table he just need a change in color.

He is a little sad-looking, this is AFTER I cleaned him up.
Old Magazine Rack


With a little chalk-based paint, gold wax, and love he has been updated into a “standout” piece of vintage furniture.
Updated Vintage Magazine Rack

The color on this piece is called Adorned from Country Chic Paint (a limited time color), then I used gold wax. I really love the combo!

I painted one layer of paint on this piece, usually you need two coats of paint to cover most pieces. I wanted to see some of the old paint and wood peaking through. One coat worked great, and I didn’t have to distress the piece at all.

Wax is such a fun way to add dimension and interest to any piece of furniture. To be honest I was a little scared to work with the gold wax. I used it so sparingly on a couple of other pieces that my husband couldn’t even tell that there was any gold on the paint. lol This time I decided I wanted the gold to really stand out so I was going to use A LOT. I had an idea in my head to do a design on the top of table…
Pattern Wax
Y’all it was BAD, with a capitol B! As soon as I took the tape off I knew it wasn’t going to turn out how I had thought it would in my mind. {which happens more often than not} Happily it wasn’t hard to fix, I just took my wax brush and spread out the wax, then used an old rag to wipe off some of the extra wax.
The wax filled into the spots where the old paint had chipped away. And created a really great antique look that I hadn’t even thought of.
It looks much better and more natural than the weird pattern idea I had to begin with. 😉
Then using my wax brush I added gold wax to the legs and edges. I added thick layers of wax because I really wanted to see the gold pop off the turquoise color. If you try this on a piece in your home, make sure you give the wax at least 48-72 hours to dry and cure. Because it is thicker than what you would normally put on a piece it will take longer to dry.
Pro Tip* ~ Country Chic Waxes are made from all natural ingredients, because of this it can take up to 30 days for the waxes to cure compleatly. Wait at least 30 days before you go over your gold wax with a clear wax to seal the entire piece.
Magazine Rack


Gold Wax

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