Kitchen Cabinet Renovation

This kitchen cabinet renovation was done by Heidi from Lily Field Furniture in Vanilla Frosting, Smoky Quartz, and Tough Coat. Come see how she did it!

Recently I finished up a Kitchen Cabinet Renovation for a client and I am so excited to share with you! This is a truly epic before and after and just goes to show how far a little paint can take you!
Here’s what I used:

  • 3 quarts Vanilla Frosting
  • 1.25 pints Smoky Quartz glaze
  • 2 quarts Tough Coat

I honestly think a normal user would require even less of the paint and top coat. Since I sprayed there is some overspray to take account for!
Before this kitchen was dark and dated. The cabinets were solid wood and in good shape so painting them made the most sense for my client.
Kitchen Cabinet Renovation #DIY #kitchencabinets #homedecor #howto #glaze -
Kitchen Cabinet Renovation #DIY #kitchencabinets #homedecor #howto #glaze -
Kitchen Cabinet Renovation #DIY #kitchencabinets #homedecor #howto #glaze -
I visited with my client and took a look at the finishes they were having put into the kitchen (new counters and back splash). After seeing all of that we settled on Vanilla Frosting for the initial cabinet color.
I went ahead and used a strong cleaner solution to wipe down all of the surfaces BEFORE sanding. Make sure you do this step in order if attempting on your own! If you sand first you are just pushing the dirt and grease into the surface. Always clean first and then sand!
Obviously with Country Chic Paint you wouldn’t normally have to sand your project. With this being a kitchen it is highly recommended. There is so much grease and grime in a kitchen and proper prep up front will save you stress and headaches later!
Since these cabinets were dark in it’s existing finish I did choose to prime with a Shellac base primer just to be proactive and guard against any bleed through. After the primer was dried I applied the Vanilla Frosting Paint.
Kitchen Cabinet Renovation #DIY #kitchencabinets #homedecor #howto #glaze -
Once the paint was applied we decided to distress and glaze the cabinets with Country Chic Paints new glaze products that are new on the market! I used Smoky Quartz for the color and worked cabinet by cabinet door- small sections at a time.
(via Country Chic Paint Photo)
The glaze is extremely easy to use and almost has the consistency of chocolate pudding! I simply brushed it on in the direction of the wood grain and then wiped off with a damp rag. The extra dimension gave the cabinets the perfect depth to match the rest of the kitchen finishes!
To finish off the cabinets I used Tough Coat to protect the paint. I used 2 coats just to ensure a sturdy durable finish for this high traffic area!
What do you think about the finished product??
Kitchen Cabinet Renovation #DIY #kitchencabinets #homedecor #howto #glaze -
Kitchen Cabinet Renovation #DIY #kitchencabinets #homedecor #howto #glaze -
Kitchen Cabinet Renovation #DIY #kitchencabinets #homedecor #howto #glaze -
Kitchen Cabinet Renovation #DIY #kitchencabinets #homedecor #howto #glaze -
Quite the difference, isn’t it?!
Kitchen Cabinet Renovation #DIY #kitchencabinets #homedecor #howto #glaze -

Heidi from Lily Field Furniture #2015blogsquad #countrychicpaint -

Heidi {Lily Field Furniture}

Hello! My name is Heidi and I am the face behind Lily Field Furniture. I spend my days being a wife and mom and my late nights in the garage painting away! I absolutely love the job that I have and have so much fun with the process of thrifting and then refinishing furniture in a creative way. It’s so rewarding to see the amazing transformation that just a little paint can make!

Make sure to follow Heidi on her blog Lily Field Furniture, as well as on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!

Jan Korteland

Jan Korteland

15 thoughts on “Kitchen Cabinet Renovation

  1. Excellent blog post! Homeowners have definitely been building more modern spaces. I believe the modern kitchen is much more timeless and has a longer lifespan. Keep up the great blogging!

  2. Kitchen cabinets give an attractive look to our kitchen and make our kitchen look much. Thanks for sharing such useful information for choosing the appropriate kitchen cabinets. Keep sharing.

  3. Looks great! I would like to do the same DIY just wondering about the durability over the years. My cabinets looks like the same should I sand the cabinets or use primer or do both?

    1. As long as you prep the surface properly and seal your work well with Tough Coat, it should be durable for many, many years! We have a full tutorial on painting kitchen cabinets here:

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