How to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture

Do you want to give your DIY furniture a more professional looking finish? Read all about how to wax your painted furniture in this tutorial!

In this brand new video tutorial, we’ll show you how to seal your project for a beautiful, professional looking finish.
Watch this video to see our company co-founder, Rosanne applying natural wax to a painted chair!

How To Use Furniture Wax on Painted Furniture | Step By Step Waxing Tutorial

Step 1) Paint your piece

How to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture #howto #videotutorial #tutorial #furniturepainting #wax #upholstery -
Begin by applying your favorite color of Country Chic Paint to your piece. If this is your first painted furniture project, check out our tutorials on surface preparation and paint application for tips to help you get started. Make sure you let your paint fully dry (overnight is best) before you begin the waxing process.

Step 2) Apply wax

How to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture #howto #videotutorial #tutorial #furniturepainting #wax #upholstery -
How to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture #howto #videotutorial #tutorial #furniturepainting #wax #upholstery -

How to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture #howto #videotutorial #tutorial #furniturepainting #wax #upholstery -
How to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture #howto #videotutorial #tutorial #furniturepainting #wax #upholstery -

You can use a wax brush or just a clean, dry, lint-free rag to apply the wax, but we find a brush works better for most pieces as it’s easier to get into all the little nooks and crannies. Being by swirling your brush or cloth in the wax. The friction will warm the wax a bit and make it more workable. Apply the wax to your piece in small, circular motions making sure you cover every surface with a thin coat.
If your piece has upholstered areas like this chair, you can wax those areas to help soften them up too!
If you apply the wax too thickly, it will take much longer to fully cure and it will require more buffing. A little goes a long way, so apply sparingly!

Step 3) Buff your piece

How to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture #howto #videotutorial #tutorial #furniturepainting #wax #upholstery -
Using a clean, dry, lint-free cloth, buff your entire piece using circular motions until it feels smooth and dry to the touch. If it still feels tacky, you’ll need to keep buffing!

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21 thoughts on “How to Apply Wax to Painted Furniture

  1. I have been following the Annie Sloan website but have not tried this yet. I am torn between painting a dining room table top or trying to refinish it in a grey weathered stain. The table will be used daily so it must be durable. Perhaps I should try something on a smaller scale first?

  2. I am so glad I found your paint! I had been using another brand that was way more expensive. I decided to give yours a try and I am so glad I did. I just finished an old washstand and a stool and now I’m off to do an old dresser and a bookcase. I think I’m addicted!

  3. Love your chalk paint! Just purchased for the first time! Painted an old chest with Dark Roast. Paint went on very easily and great coverage! A neighbor loved it so much she painted two night stands and a mirror in the same color! Deciding on another color for the next project!

  4. If you wax the painted material chair seat is there a concern that the wax would wear off on your clothes when sitting on them?

    1. Hi Kim,

      Wax will wear off over time but if you use natural wax, it shouldn’t be a concern for clothing. We don’t advise using antiquing wax for seating surfaces as the pigment can rub off over time even after it has fully cured.

  5. I loved your video! It, as well as your others have been most helpful. I would love a chance to win a free sample.
    Thank you so much!

  6. Love this tut! I’ve been hesitant to start a project like this, but now I’m inspired to try. I had no idea the wax could be used on fabric. I’m going to attempt an old wooden chair first. If all goes well, I’d like to refinish all my kitchen cabinets, and if those turn out well, the bathrooms, too. Thank you very much for your excellent tutorials. I would not have the courage to try this without them!

    1. Hi Laura,

      I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the tutorials so far. Don’t be afraid to take on a project, big or small. The results will be well worth the effort!

  7. Hi!
    I did my custom tv stand in cheesecake/ dark roast !!! Looks amazing!!
    Going to wax it with clear . Im thinking 2 coats of wax ? How long between coats ? How long till i can use it? I cant wait to put it in its place with my tv on it 🙂

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us. I’m so glad you enjoyed working with our products! One coat of wax should be enough, but you can do two if you wish. I would wait overnight before you apply the second coat. The wax will feel smooth and dry immediately after buffing, but it will take about 30 days before it’s fully cured so I would give it at least one week before putting it in place with your TV on it. We also advise re-waxing every 6-12 months for optimal protection since wax will wear down slowly over time.

      Happy painting!

    1. Since Tough Coat is water-based, it won’t be able to adhere to an oily finish like wax. If you need to change from wax to Tough Coat, we recommend removing the wax with rubbing alcohol first. Happy painting!

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