Brand New Product: Beeswax Distressing Bar!

This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated!
Have you ever wondered if there’s a better way to get that shabby-chic, distressed look you love? We’ve got a brand new Beeswax Distressing Bar that makes distressing even faster and easier than before! Read on to learn all about it and how you can win some to try for yourself!

We’re thrilled to announce the newest product in our line, the Beeswax Distressing Bar!
Brand New Product! Beeswax Distressing Bar #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #beeswax #allnatural #distressing #newproducts -
Beeswax Distressing Bars are perfect for the resist distressing technique. With this new product you can create that same shabby-chic look you love with a fraction of the elbow grease you usually need for sanding.
They’re made of 100% all natural beeswax which means they’re eco-friendly, health-conscious, and the best part…they smell delicious!
Brand New Product! Beeswax Distressing Bar #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #beeswax #allnatural #distressing #newproducts -

Enter to Win!

This contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered! The winners have been announced in reply to their comments below. Check to see if you’re one of them!

Beeswax Distressing Bars are now available in our online shop and you can also find them at many of our retail locations. Please call your local retailer for availability.

175 thoughts on “Brand New Product: Beeswax Distressing Bar!

  1. Been dying to try your limited edition color of peacoat!! Would love a chance to win and try the distressing bars as well! Thank you!

  2. I would love to try the beeswax bar on an antique vanity! It has lots of curved details that would look so lovely with a little distressing. Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂 Love your products!!

  3. Can’t wait it try it on the Christmas present, a multi-picture frame, I am distressing for my Son & family!!!!

  4. Exciting! Would love to try this on a little end table I’m currently working on! Would also like to experiment to see if it would help old drawers glide smoothly.

  5. Would love to try this and one of your limited edition colors on an old vanity I’ve been wanting to refinish!

  6. I have a dresser and chair that I would love to use the giveaway prize on. Thank you for having a giveaway !!!

  7. This would be awesome to use on my unique one of a kind piece!! It’s a vintage door and barnboard bookcase! I’ve yet to decide what to do with it but this product would be great!!!

  8. I really need to paint my old ugly roll top desk. Before you cringe you need to know this is not an antique. It is just old ugly and seriously cheap looking. A real candidate for country chic painting.

  9. I would love to win the Beeswax distressing bar to try on a few pieces of estate sale find furniture! I’ve been dying to pull them out of storage to re-vive their beauty!!! A table, a desk, and some chairs will be up first if I win!

  10. I have some wonderful side chairs that I have been “designing in my head”. Would love to try the new distressing bar!

  11. I have an old antique dresser that belonged to my Grandmother that I have been dying to upcycle. This would be the perfect start to that upcycle. So excited.

  12. D lve to try distressing an old dresser I have that was my parents using the limit edition colour fireside and the beeswax bar.

  13. Im painting a beautiful antique dresser for a little girls room in country chic wedding cake paint, id love to try the beesewax distressing bar on this peice for the shabby chic look! This is going to be a forever dresser so i want it to be perfect!

    1. Hi Melissa,

      Congratulations, you’re one of our lucky winners! Please contact me at to redeem your prize. We will need to know you shipping address and color choice for your pint of All-in-One Decor Paint.

      Have a wonderful day!

  14. This looks like awesome new product and I hope to try it on an old rocking chair that would look great distressed.

    Love your tutorials and tips!

  15. I have an old distressed dresser that I plan on turning into a dish storage center, while giving it a rustic feel, this would be great for that!

  16. I would like to try this product in a old table everyone hate, but I really love it I think it’s a piece of art. 🙂

  17. I inherited a gorgeous antique mahogany French Provincial bedroom set I’d love to try your bar out on….Your tutorials are so inspiring for me…Thankyou!

  18. I’d love to try this with Bliss over a dark cherry dresser. The richness of the wood coming through with my favorite color would bee (get it!?) stunning!

  19. I would love to try the beeswax bar on an antique wardrobe I want to refinish. I’ve used gulf wax in the past and it doesn’t really get into the crooks and crevices on carved furniture.

  20. I’m going to be distressing/painting an old rocking chair that could use some Country Chic TLC.

    Love the tutorials and promotions!

  21. Found your product line at the antique store a few blocks from my house…can’t wait to start my side table project and would love a little beeswax bar to make it perfect!

  22. I would love to try the paint and the beeswax distressing bar on my dining room table that I am about to start working on. Hope I win!!!

  23. New to painting and would love to try this on an old side table that’s been waiting for a new look. Thanks!

  24. Would so love to have a bar of this and the fall paint color sugar plum
    I have a small night stand that would be great in that color. Thank you

  25. I am saving our old cabinet that housed the television & electronics….I want to make a bench out of it…would be awesome to use the beeswax distressing bar on it…

  26. I would love to try these bars on a dresser I am painting for my mother. I’ve been so busy with life that I’ve stopped painting, but lately I’ve been getting back to it.

  27. Have a buffet that we converted to a bathroom vanity 16 years ago. It is time for an update. Want to paint it with chalk paint and the wax would be great to apply before the final paint color.

  28. I have a vanity my hubby built 40 years ago and would love to paint it and chic it up a little bit. Love your paint and blog! Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. The chair in my craft room is crying out for a makeover. It think it would like to get rubbed down with a little beeswax!

  30. I have a little desk I painted in Smoky Mountain. It’s needs some de stressing and wax, would be a good project to try next.

  31. I bought a couple wooden crates and wanting to paint to give as christmas gifts filled with homemade sewing stuff. Distressing would give it some panache to the item. I am not sure if distressing a milk can would work, I might try that too

  32. My garage is full of projects! I’m sure I could find one to try it on… can’t wait to try limited edition peacoat paint

  33. I would use the Beeswax on a dresser and night stand I am refinishing. I would love to try the all in one paint on my son’s entertainment stand in the color Devotion.

  34. I have an old pie safe from my husband’s grandmother that I would love to try the new Beeswax distressing bar on!!!

  35. I have a couple old chairs I’ve been wanting to paint and distress. Would love to try this new product on them! Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Wanting to do a piece for my mom with the peacoat. It’s a old family dresser that is kept in our homes porch! A beautiful piece that just needs a little revamping! Would love to use this bar on it!

  37. Oh my goodness, this would be my dream come true! I’ve just completed two dressers and my sanding muscles are aching! Haha! I’d love to use this on the bedside tables that will complete the beachy look in our master bedroom! Paint color is Seas the Day! Cheers!

  38. This would be my dream come true to win these! My sanding muscles are aching after completing two big dressers in Seas the Day blue! Can’t wait to try them on the night tables that will complete the beachy look in our bedroom!

  39. I have a china cabinet and a vintage suitcase side table in my upcoming projects. Would love to try your bees wax, as I use pure bees wax in my soap making as well.

  40. Waiting on Elegance Country Chic to arrive from a local proprietor so that I can try out your new bee’s wax technique on a French Provincial piece I picked up for $6.00!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. I just purchase 2 antique dresser that are in need of so told. Would love to try bee’s wax bar and Peabody color over top of original oak..beautiful

  42. I would love to try this on a dresser that was given to me when my great great grandma passed away. I’m looking to give it a little makeover that I know grandma would approve of and I think would add the finishing touch!

  43. I am retiring soon and can’t wait to paint and refurbish an antique dresser with this paint and some distressed areas. I’d love to try the product out. Thanks.

  44. I would love the opportunity to try the beeswax distressing bar on an old captain’s chair I’m planning to update. I would use the bar on the edges of the seat and arm rests where natural wear would occur. Thanks for the chance to win! Love your videos, btw

  45. I would love to try this on 2 French Provincial pieces I just picked up. I don’t want to sand them and just might be the perfect way to get the right finish!

  46. I just love your products. Going to refinish my dresser with Vintage Cupcake and this would be so neat to try on it as well~~

  47. We just replaced our cottage windows and I now have some lovely old ones to get creative with!! I’d use the beeswax bar and paint on those!

  48. I have a beautiful dresser that I got from my neighbors when the moved it was their sweet daughters. I miss them terribly. I would love to refinish it and would love to try the beeswax bars.

  49. I haven’t used your product yet but I intend to see the retailer here near the cottage to paint a wash stand we have had in the family for 60 years. I would love to try the beeswax.

  50. I have an antique dresser which I am anxious to try this paint on and I’m nervous about distressing…..this could be the answer to my problem. Thank you.

  51. Just started painting a table with narly legs in Sage Advice. The beeswax bar would definitely make things easier.

  52. I have a dining room hutch that I would like to try this technique on!! Thank you for the ideas and tutorials on how to use your amazing products

  53. I have a beautiful kitchen hutch that I would love to use the beeswax bar on! It would be a great opportunity to try country chic paint!

  54. I’d love to use the beeswax bar on my father’s baby armoire from 1925 to repurpose for my first grandbaby!

  55. I have these 2 benches I made out of an old bunk bed that need to be finish yet. I would LOVE to try this on both of them! How beautiful they would be! And a perfect Christmas Gift for one of them! 🙂

  56. Thanks for the challenge
    To win such a perfect product. My dinning room set would love the beeswax distressing bar. I painted each chair a different color and the table
    Matches each color on the apron of the table.

  57. I have started to restore a beautiful, small drop leaf table that says “make me pretty again” every time I look at it. I think your beeswax bar could help me do that.

  58. I’ve never used chalk paint. I see projects on blogs and Pinterest and get excited to try. I even have several projects in my shed, garage and in the house, but they continue to gather dust and take up space, lol. I ran across some chalk paint in Walmart and was tempted to try but didn’t like any available colors. Finally getting started with a product others rave about sounds like it would be key. I could start out on a small wooden stool with hidden storage. Thanks for the opportunity to win a swift kick in the butt! 😉

  59. Hi! I am receiving a vintage dining suite next month and I might try this on it. I thing I would practice on something smaller first though.

  60. I’d love to try the Beeswax on an old chifarobe my dad left to me. My husband hates it so I’m hoping a Turquoise shade and some beeswax will bring him around. Think it would look good in my beading room. Thanks for listening to me.

  61. The beeswax distressing bar is awesome! Great idea…I have the perfect piece in mind…a dresser for my granddaughter’s bedroom.

  62. I have several pieces that I would love to use the beeswax bar to distress. Display cabinet, side table and chairs. What a great idea!

  63. I was wondering when someone would come up with a product like this! My next project is a window frame so this would come in quite handy!

  64. Hi! I would love to try it on a side table I am redoing for my daughter’s nursery. It’s the least I can do, she’s blessing me with my first grandbaby!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Congratulations, you’re one of our lucky winners! Please contact me at to redeem your prize. We will need to know you shipping address and color choice for your pint of All-in-One Decor Paint.

      Have a wonderful day!

  65. The new beeswax distressing bar looks very interesting. My next project is to paint a kitchen table and four chairs. I would love to use the beeswax bar!!

  66. I have an antique vanity I would love to use it on. This way, the colour Elegance will show through in key places!

  67. I have never tried wax and would love to give it a try. I have an old dresser that I am waiting to paint (Love the Aurora!)

  68. I signed up for your video tutorial and been enjoying them. They are very informative. I’m getting ready to start my first project and would love to try the Beeswax on a bookcase. Thanks for all the wonderful tips.

  69. Would love to win the beeswax bar. I refurbish lots of furniture and at the moment I have a buffet waiting for fresh chalk paint and the distressed shabby look. Already have my French inspired fabric to decoupage the inside of the cabinet and paint color picked out. I am excited that you have a bedtter product to make my “job” easier. Would love to win but am willing to order it also. Excited about this product and will definitely share with others I help with refinishing old pieces. (They listen to my recommendations too)

  70. I’ve used your paint & wax on my sons dresser…loved it! Now it’s time to do my dresser … Winning this product would be awesome! Thanks!

  71. I think your new Beeswax Distressing Bar would be perfect for me to use on a bench I am planning to finish.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Congratulations, you’re one of our lucky winners! Please contact me at to redeem your prize. We will need to know you shipping address and color choice for your pint of All-in-One Decor Paint.

      Have a wonderful day!

  72. I would love to try it on a few different projects – picture frames and re-doing a dresser for my son’s room.

  73. I just finished painting a bed today . I love the change it made now I will use the wax to finish the project .

  74. I found an old end table on the curbside and would love to use perfection and pebble beach colors. The distressing bar looks like an awesome way to get to hard to reach places too. Looks like the bee’s knee’s.

  75. I’d love to use it on my 1930’s era square oak coffee table. It has lots of curves and grooves in the trim and would look astonishing.

  76. After months of searching I finally located the perfect vintage dresser that would look amazing in any of the new fall paint colors then distressed. I’ve been fearful of using wax in the past because the application process seemed difficult. However, I’m so excited about these bars and distressing my vintage dresser and other projects.

  77. It would be fun to try the new Country Chic Beeswax Distressing Bar on two French provincial end tables that I have. I can almost smell the Beeswax already, my favorite!

  78. I would love to win this! I have a china cabinet that I would love to distress using the bar and hopefully would save me a ton of sanding!

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