DIY Antique-Style Chalkboard

Come find out how Cait from Little City Farmhouse used Bliss and Liquorice to make her very own DIY chalkboard!

Hello! I’m popping in today to share a really fun project with you! I was recently on a little getaway and stopped in to meet the crew and visit the offices of Country Chic Paint! I had a great time seeing behind the scenes – next time I might hang out for the whole day!

It was around the time that Country Chic had released the video tutorial about painting chalkboards. In the main part of their office their entire wall was painted in Liquorice and used as a chalkboard! The creative wheels started turning! I was then asked by a really great customer of mine to turn an oversized frame into a chalkboard! Bingo!

DIY Antique-Style Chalkboard #DIY #chalkboard #furniturepainting #homedecor #howto -

I began by painting the frame in Eggnog using the all-in-one paint. When it was dry, I gave it a coat of Bliss, also in the all-in-one paint.

DIY Antique-Style Chalkboard #DIY #chalkboard #furniturepainting #homedecor #howto -

When it was dry I distressed the frame lightly using really fine sandpaper. To step the finishing up a notch, I waxed the entire frame in Pearl Wax. I love this wax! It gives the slightest iridescent shine when it catches the light and it’s beautiful!

DIY Antique-Style Chalkboard #DIY #chalkboard #furniturepainting #homedecor #howto -

Onto the chalkboard! My hubby cut a sheet of 1/4” mdf to fit the frame and I simply painted it in two coats of Liquorice. Even though the paint dries quickly, I let it cure for 24 hours before I moved on to the next step. To prep it for use, I rubbed the side of a piece of chalk all over the board, and then wiped it off well with a dry rag.

DIY Antique-Style Chalkboard #DIY #chalkboard #furniturepainting #homedecor #howto -

I attached the chalkboard into the frame, and voila! An oversized, beautiful chalkboard that is perfect for reminders, grocery lists, and little love notes!

DIY Antique-Style Chalkboard #DIY #chalkboard #furniturepainting #homedecor #howto -

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Cait {Little City Farmhouse}

Hello! I’m Cait! I am a wife and a mom of two little ones, and a proud auntie of a growing little flock! I first started by refinishing several pieces in my own home, and fell in love with it. Slowly it turned into a business and something I could do from home. I love the thrill of finding old furniture, and I adore the process of refinishing it into something new and fresh. Refinishing furniture is the heart of my business. I believe your home should reflect who you are, and I love helping people get the look they want in their homes by refinishing their furniture for them.

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