Dining Room Hutch Makeover

Come read all about this gorgeous hutch makeover by Lindsey from Everyday Originals with Vanilla Frosting and our limited edition color, Summer Blueberries!

Hi guys! It’s Lindsey from Everyday Originals and I’m excited to share this project with you. I think it’s most definitely my favorite to date (do I say that about all of my projects?!).

I scored this hutch for a whopping $40 at a local thrift store. I’d been on the hunt for a hutch for months, years honestly, and had never found the right one until I stumbled upon this one. Lesson in negotiating – always ask for a better price! This was listed at $88 and all I asked was if they could do better on the price. They dropped it to 40 for me. I was sold!

Dining Room Hutch Makeover #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #homedecor #diningroom #hutch #limitededition - blog.countrychicpaint.com

I loved the details and the hardware on this hutch. I could see instantly how much potential it had. I gave it a light sanding before using a spray primer on it. I made sure to pay more attention to sanding and priming around the high contact areas – mostly the doors where hands would be grabbing at.

After priming I painted the exterior of the hutch in CCP’s Vanilla Frosting and it covered beautifully. For the interior I used Summer Blueberries. It took two coats of each and then additional touch ups to accomplish the full coverage. I absolutely love this color combo. It’s so clean and refreshing looking while still being a statement piece in any kitchen or dining room.

Dining Room Hutch Makeover #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #homedecor #diningroom #hutch #limitededition - blog.countrychicpaint.com

I gave the hardware a good cleaning but wanted to keep the finish as is. I loved the weathered look of it and thought it was great with the Vanilla Frosting color.

Dining Room Hutch Makeover #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #homedecor #diningroom #hutch #limitededition - blog.countrychicpaint.com

It pained me to know I had no place for this in my home so I sold it to a lovely woman who has bought a few of my pieces. She was actually planning to use it in her laundry room, which I thought was so clever. I would never think to use a hutch anywhere other than the dining room, but that is so brilliant. It stores all of her cleaning supplies and laundry related items. Great way to utilize a beautiful piece when you may not have the space in its intended area.

Dining Room Hutch Makeover #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #homedecor #diningroom #hutch #limitededition - blog.countrychicpaint.com

Love thinking outside the box!

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