Naval Navy

Ann from Farmhouse Blues Interiors used our limited edition color, Peacoat to give this desk a deep naval flair!

Hi all!  It’s Ann from Farmhouse Blues back to share a desk makeover in a gorgeous shade of blue.  This piece had been in a friend’s family for some time but after years of use was in need of a little TLC. She asked me to paint it so that it better fit into her home and style.

Naval Navy Desk #DIY #naval #navyblue #homedecor #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture -

Given the fact that her husband is a Naval Academy graduate, my friend liked the idea of using a dark blue for the piece.  Country Chic Paint’s limited edition color Peacoat seemed the perfect choice for a fresh, Naval inspired look.

Naval Navy Desk #DIY #naval #navyblue #homedecor #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture -

Because the desk had many scratches and dings from years of use, I started out by sanding the entire piece.  Typically, sanding is not necessary prior to applying Country Chic Paint.  But in this instance I opted to sand before applying paint because I wanted to ensure that the rough scratches and dings were smoothed out as much as possible.   And because I’ve had the wood color bleeding through the paint on several of these desks that I painted in the past, I then applied a coat of shellac. Shellac does a great job preventing that and helps keep your color true.   I next applied three coats of the Peacoat to the exterior and interior of the desk, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next.  The piece was then sanded again to create a super smooth finish while highlighting the lovely details.  I finished the desk with two coats of Country Chic Paint’s Natural Wax.  The original brass hardware was removed, cleaned up using Bar Keepers Friend, and reattached.

Naval Navy Desk #DIY #naval #navyblue #homedecor #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture -

Naval Navy Desk #DIY #naval #navyblue #homedecor #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture -

This once tired desk now has a fresh, updated look.  I hope my friend and her family use and enjoy it for many years to come!

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Ann {Farmhouse Blues}

I’m Ann and along with my husband and two lively boys, live just north of Boston in a picturesque small town. And though I named my business Farmhouse Blues three years ago, it was just last year that we moved into a sweet little blue house overlooking a farm. It was meant to be! After my career as an airline pilot was suddenly halted by the events on 9/11, I dabbled in a few other areas but seem to have found my niche in furniture. From well-made but tired older pieces, I strive to create home furnishings that are fresh, inspired, and unique. Just recently I opened up my own space in a beautifully renovated barn and am eager to see where this new adventure takes me. Thanks for reading and please feel free to check out more of my work at Farmhouse Blues.

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    1. Hi Kaye,

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Color choice can often be the hardest part of any project, but some beautiful inspiration always helps.

      Happy painting!

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