New Products: aprons and short-handle brushes!

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Two of our most commonly requested products are now available for purchase!

Short-Handle Brushes

New Products: Aprons + Short-Handle Brushes! #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #DIY #ccp #countrychicpaint #paintbrush #apron -

Our line of brushes was selected specifically for use with our paint – they are made with nylon bristles which will allow you to easily apply the paint to your piece without noticeable brush strokes. These brushes are high-quality and will last you a very long time.

The short handles on these brushes will allow you to more easily apply paint in the confined areas of your piece where working space is limited.

Click here to find them in our online shop.


New Products: Aprons + Short-Handle Brushes! #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #DIY #ccp #countrychicpaint #paintbrush #apron -

New Products: Aprons + Short-Handle Brushes! #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #DIY #ccp #countrychicpaint #paintbrush #apron -

Use these stylish, screen-printed aprons to protect your clothing while you paint.

Our Canadian-made aprons have easily adjustable, draw-string necks and tie up in the back making them versatile and suitable for any size.

Click here to find them in our online shop.

Here’s how to win them:

If you would like to try these new products out for yourself, leave a comment at the bottom of this page in the “Leave a Reply” section to tell us what you would like to use them on. On February 26th we will draw one winner at random who will receive one apron, plus a 2.5″ and a 1.5″ short handle brush!

Contest Rules:

One entry per person. US and Canadian residents only. Entry deadline: February 25th at 11:59 PM.

These products are now available to purchase. You can order from our online shop and you can also find them at many of our retail locations. Please call your local retailer for availability.

455 thoughts on “New Products: aprons and short-handle brushes!

    1. I have a small cabinet in my entry that desperately needs an update and I have already been eyeing up the color of Country Chic Paint I want to use to give it a new start. I am lucky to have two boutiques near by that sell your product!

  1. I would love to use these products on my daughters wooden memory chest. It will hold tons of photos,her baby clothes/shoes,ultrasound cds etc. I want to paint something she would be proud of.

  2. Well I would use them on a very special vintage curio cabinet that was my mothers and the apron would just save so many future shirts From the same fate that are now ” painting shirts” lol I’m such a mucky pup when I paint, but I LOVE it nd Country Chic paint , that’s all I use.

  3. OMG; these items would be perfect; I have a 110 year old wooden door ( original door from my house), I am in the process of turning this into a entrance bench with coat rack; I will be using the Country Chic, Liquorice and Vanilia Frosting; And as I have a habit of constantly wiping my hands on my clothes the apron would definately come in handy, and of course the brushes would make my project look amazing when completed;

  4. I’m making an end table for our soon to be baby girl’s nursery and would love to try these with my country chic paint!!

  5. Painting around chair rungs with a short handle brush would be ideal. I find I often hit other parts of the chain with the longer handle.

  6. Love, love, love your new products! Need an apron for clothing protection & the short handled brushes will be perfect for intricate spaces;-). Thank you!

  7. I’m starting a new paint job in my bathroom and that apron and brush would be a great addition to my tools for the job! Thank you,
    Good luck peeps!

  8. I have been putting off so many projects!! The brushes would solve my bench renewal and the apron…mom loves aprons!! Thank you.

  9. I have soo many projects at home since my mom moved in with us. From painting all the bedrooms, to painting her dresser and re-using/decorating current furniture.

  10. I’m building a “Depression Era” styled board game based on a homemade game I saw at an auction. The short handled brushes look to be ideal for some of the more intricate areas. The apron would be very useful in my case, since I tend to be over zealous when painting. My work clothes look like a painter’s drop cloth by the time I’m done πŸ™‚

  11. I would use these when painting my dresser and mirror. The apron would not be just for painting in my house (cooking too)

  12. I would love to use these to redo my dinning table. All my furniture is country primitive and my table needs some loving care to go with the rest.

  13. I’m more interested in the apron but I’d like to use the brushes for the inside of the cabinets that I’ve painted.

  14. These would work great for the bathroom vanity that I want to redo as it’s going to be hard to get inside the drawers

    Thanks darlene mannix

  15. I have a beautiful old nightstand and wooden chest that need a shabby chic paint job. Excited to start them. I always get paint on my clothes so the apron would work great! Thanks for the chance to win both! Exciting!

  16. I would use them on a bedside table I saved from the garbage. It really tiny with lots of itty bitty drawers.

  17. This is my first adventure at painting anything other than walls but I’m going to paint a plant stand and if that works well a small wooden bed frame !!!

  18. I would love to have the apron and brushes for some projects at home that are long over due. Armoire, old maple desk and a dresser could really use the help.

  19. I have several projects that the brushes would really come in handy. Also I love the apron. Old enough to appreciate aprons reminds me of my Grandmother..

  20. I love short handle brushes and I am going to start painting a vanity soon! Also the apron is just super adorable!!

  21. I recently purchased a vintage buffet and a quart of Sunday Tea paint. I cannot wait to start this piece. New brushes and an apron would make the project so much smoother and would be much cuter than an old t shirt as an apron πŸ™‚

  22. I definitely could use these ❀️ I paint wooden signs & furniture everyday. My clothes would appreciate the apron and I would LOVE to try out the new brushes, I’m always on the lookout for a better brush than what I’m currently using.

  23. Just bought a cabin with some antique furniture in desparate need of a facelift. Love the Country Chic product. Have already done a hoosier cabinet, and looking forward to completing some more items this spring and summer.

  24. Would live to use this on my antique 1920’s dresser!! No beush strokes, the carved legs and roses would be beautiful!

  25. I would use the short handled brush to work on the under parts and insides of stools and chairs, to allow for more hand movement. These are a great idea! πŸ™‚

  26. Would love to have apron instead of paint on my cloths and the brushes will come in handy for doing my spring projects

  27. I would like to paint my cabinets and it would be easier in some places with shorter brushes. Would love to try them!

  28. I am going to chalk paint and distress the dresser and nightstand from my mother-in-laws house. These would be great to use. Also considering doing the brass chandelier in my dining room. My daughter and I are going to work on these projects together.

  29. I have my jar of PERFECTION Country Chic paint waiting to paint salvaged wooden chairs for my garden. I think that the short-handled brushes would make the job much easier when painting chair rungs.

    The apron design is wonderful. I have a couple aprons made like this and they are the favourites of my apron collection. I’d love another apron.

  30. I can’t wait to use the aprons for our workshops and the short brushes will work great for painting interior furniture shelves- no more paint brush handles scraping off paint!!

    Kenzie @ The Tattered Attic

  31. We are moving in a few months and with a move comes the excitement of a new place to decorate. That means making some of our furniture get a “facelift” so to speak. Brighter, airier, more fun. A new look for a new start.

  32. I would love to use these new brushes on some of my projects for spring and the apron would keep my clothing from going into the “old clothing to wear while painting” category.

  33. I love your products ❀️❀️ and would love to win the brushes and apron. I am soon going to paint a table I keep my plants on. I already purchased the paint from you and am excited to get started.

  34. As a woman with small hands and short fingers, I find that Short handle brushes are so much easier to work with! I would really love to get my hands on these!!!

  35. Love the apron, now perhaps I won’t be covered in paint when I get I not the house. Love your products!!!!!!!!! The small brush would be awesome on the smaller pieces I do……and one cannot have too many GOOD brushes. Have a good day!!!!!!’

  36. Nice addition to product line. I need to replace my raggedy brushes as I pant lots of small items where long handled brushes are awkward. The apron design is sweet!

  37. I have several projects coming up for the spring and would love to try these brushes and have the apron to protect my clothes!

  38. I’m working on two night stands! One for my son’s nursery and one for my niece or nephew who will be arriving in July! Short handled brushes would be awesome for the inside of the cabinets.

  39. I have always wanted to paint furniture but was afraid to try. Thanks to your tutorials I am finally going to give it a try. Something small first then I have a couple of dressers I want to transform.

  40. Im so excited these short hand brushes came out I’m a very petite person and the regular brushes always tend to give me trouble since they are extra long for my tiny hands going to order them even if I don’t win lol so I can paint my dinning table and my grandmother’s rocking chair. Not to mention the apron would be helpful since I paint in house to watch my little one too. So excited!

  41. Ooh, new brushes and and apron! What’s not to love? These would be great to keep my painting circuit up so indoor have to wash my brushes out in between colours as often and this apron wouldn’t scare my neighbors while I’m outside sanding. Now don’t get me wrong, the rest of me is still pretty scary looking well I’m getting coated in dust and debris but at least I would have a stylish apron πŸ˜‰

    Great new products and good luck everyone! Someone is going to be very happy winning these πŸ™‚

  42. I would like to paint in Harmony colour my future baby’s changing table. I am due in June 2016. So I would like to work on it around March-April. πŸ™‚

  43. Now the weather getting warmer I can discard my pained garage coat so the apron will protect what little unpaint splattered clothes I have left. I have an oversized cabinet to paint so new brushes that don’t show the strokes would definitely help

  44. I loved your current line of paint and brushes, adding a couple of short brushes and a gorgeous apron to my stash would make me one happy Country Chic painting queen.
    My next project is my oak dining room set, pedestal table with 6 chairs and a china cabinet.
    I’m a little worried about taking on such a big project, but I’m up for the challenge!

  45. love a short handle brush, these will save me time from cutting the long handles and tapeing them and the apron is the perfect backdrop for all of the Country Chic Paints to be on instead of my clothes! I am making painted signs for my family from the salvaged wood from our family home that burned.

  46. I’d love to have an apron so I would have the chance to salvage what few shirts and pants I have left. Those brushes would be fabulous for me to use on the dresser Im repurposing for a client. Thank you for the giving us all a chance at winning those fabulous prizes.

  47. Short-handle brushes are so much easier for people with psoriatic arthritis to use; it doesn’t matter what the project is. My wife would love the apron for crafts as well as get-togethers.

  48. I have a bench and an end table that was given to be. I would sure like to get started on them both. I have put off many DIY products this past year and so ready to dive back into it!

  49. I am moving to an older home and have purchased some antique furniture from Goodwill that needs some “magic”! I think short handles are an awesome idea. Will help with keeping my hands from being fatigued.

  50. I have a shed full of dressers and other furniture to redo, Plus I redo jewelry boxes. Would LOVE to tey out the brushes and look fashionable in your new apron. πŸ™‚

  51. Love short handled brushes! My cottage Will Be getting a New look this March Break:) thanks to my country chic paint it’s as easy as pie:) the Apron is just a staple in my life ☺️ Thanks!!

  52. Love the apron, curious about the brushes. My apron is too short and changing clothes to paint is such a pain. I’ve even been looking at the paper onesies they sell in the hardware store, but they are always size LX or LXX. I guess they think all painters are really big people. This very cute and girlie apron is the answer for sure.

  53. I would be so excited to win these brushes, I painted a chalk board with a sponge brush this weekend and worked very hard not to leave streaks. I am planning to paint a side table and step stool I recently acquired recently. It would be awesome to use these brushes as I will be using your paint.

  54. I want to have a huge paint fest with my whole famly. And we can paint, and I can even use the brushes to use in the drawing contest and we will use this apron to win an apron contest we will have. Its a great way to bring my family close togther.

  55. LOVE your paints!! I am the type of painter that gets it every where so your new apron would be a godsend!! I sure could use a new brush always on the lookout for good brushes that do not leave the brush strokes. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  56. I would use them to repaint my son’s room from a baby room to a toddler room, including putting up a mural on one of the walls of his favorite movie character!

  57. I just finished up an antique vanity/dressing table and the inside compartment where the mirror collapsed into was very tight for a regular handled brush. I kept hitting areas with the tail end of my brush. These would have been perfect! One of my next projects is a small china cabinet and the shelves do not remove. I think these would be perfect for getting in between in those tight spaces. Of course, the apron would be lovely too!

  58. What a novel idea! Using an apron…why I never thought of this before! I like to paint in the newest shirt I have so I can ruin it! Love the shorter brushes. I am working on a secretary and the shorter brushes will make it easier to paint the inside. I ordered one of your starter kits that you had a while back so I am painting this piece in simplicity and using the dark wax on the drawer fronts and the top. I used the wet sponge distressing technique. That is so easy! I have to order some more simplicity to finish my piece.

  59. I would don this apron and use these brushes to paint my old cheap roll top desk that does not roll any more. It I a a bit of an eyesore right now.

  60. I am completely addicted to “anchicing” everything. I love how it has brought new life into some of our worn out pieces. Believe ne when I say your brushes will see many a project. I havd an old hutch that cant wait to meet them.

  61. I just recently tackled my first painting project with your paints-it turned out great! I did a desk I have had since I was a little girl…a long time ago :). Now, I’m thinking I can do my Grandmother’s buffet as my TV stand! The brushes look awesome & the apron will keep me looking “less like my project!” Thanks!

  62. I want to use this lovely apron and spectacular paint brush to do some DIY projects that include painting an old ladder I found to use as a coatrack. Also, I found some pallets I want to paint and use for storage or something else. I have a ever-growing list of projects, and these tools would get me so much closer to getting them started and finished!

  63. I’ll use the brushes to paint my sewing table to match my beautiful, newly painted chair! And I’ll wear the apron all the timje because it’s just cute!

  64. I would use the new brushes on all sorts of painting projects that I have waiting for me in my basement! And I would tackle them in style while wearing the adorable new apron!

  65. This apron is FABULOUS!!! I could retire my old Starbucks apron that I picked up at a yard sale a few summers ago and use this beautiful apron to now create in my paint space. The brushes are a plus as well. The short handles will allow for me to get a better grip especially when working in those more difficult nooks. I just purchased a 1940’s dresser/vanity and all of these tools would come in handy with that.

  66. I’m getting ready to redo my kitchen table and a dresser – these would really make my work easier!

  67. Spring cleaning is right around the corner! Along with a lot of unfinished projects that need to get done around the house. That gorgeous apron would look so chic on me! Those new brushes would help me do a few paint touch ups around the house and also help me paint my new patio. I’m going to purchase some paint to add a pop of color in my patio. It really needs some brightening up. Hope I win these awesome gifts. They really would get me more excited about my Spring projects!

  68. I can’t wait to refinish and repurpose an old dresser that I will use in my dining room. Since that piece will add charm to
    my dining room, I will need to refinish my hutch and sideboard to match the new style. How cute will I look doing all this, with that apron!!!

  69. I would use these to paint the custom made water pieces i make. It would greatly reduce the need to buy new clothes as the apron would save my clothing from all of my creativeness. These items appear to be phenomenal! I look forward to checking them out, regardless of the contest. πŸ™‚

  70. I am a new kid on DIY painting projects. I have a handful of projects waiting for me as I gather all the items to make a repurpose/upcycle great chair or table. I would love to win these items so that I can create a new to me piece!

  71. I have a small dresser that needs some attention ,this would save me time of having to run out to a hardware store and hunt these small brushes down….

  72. Wow! An apron – maybe I can stop ruining everything I wear when I head down to my paint area πŸ™‚ Next up on the list are three end tables and a cheap letter sorter that I plan to turn into something much prettier πŸ™‚ Short handled brush would sure come in handy. Love the paint!

  73. I have a china cabinet, small kitchen cabinet island and breakfast table that are being re-painted in the next few months. I love your chalk paint!!

  74. Hooray nice short handled brushes, I’m currently painting a sofa table and have banged the leg with the brush handle ugh, these are a great idea I have thought about sawing off the long handles with these I wouldn’t have to!

  75. Getting ready for Spring and a move to a smaller place (downsizing ) i have a couple of pieces that were my Grandma’s. they’re not expensive antiques or anything like that. but, to me they are precious because they were in Grandma’s place. So I’d Luke to redo them if I can for my cozy country cottage-type *disabled housing* apartment, that I’ll be moving to. And maybe also do a few small cute diy projects for the garden and birdwatching station that I’ll have there.
    Thank you and God Bless

  76. I would love to use the new products. If I win the apron I can stop using the same apron I cook with. πŸ™‚ I plan on using the brushes with my country chic licorice paint when I paint an armoire.

  77. I would love to try the brushes on a new end table I found as well as a dresser I am wanting to paint and add a poster to the front. I need a apron I am always getting paint all over me.

  78. I have so many projects lined up for Spring! I have an antique buffet, a french provincial dresser, and a chair that all need some pretty new paint.

  79. When weather warms up i am going to paint my Kitchen Cabinets would love to have these products to make my job easier Thanks

  80. i want to paint a antic planter so never doing this before apron would be good and really dont have any brushes ,so its a new exsperience for me.wish me luck.

  81. I just took a paint class at “reloving furnature” and we used your great brushes and paint! Loved them both. I would like to have a brush to paint my first project table with your paint! Also, for little projects in my little girls room!

  82. I would love to try the short brushes and I would have never thought to wear and apron when I paint. I love this idea!!!

  83. I would love to wear the apron while I use the Country Chic paints on my bathroom cabinet. The short-handled brushes would be very useful when applying the paint on the cabinet.
    Thank you for your great products and wonderful tutorials.

  84. Oh wow! I love aprons because I’m a hot mess when it comes to me and anything!! Especially paint!! I have started making a few cutesie things,such as signs and frames, to hang on my walls and to give as gifts. I’d definitely sport the apron while painting.

  85. I would love to use the brushes on the rustic clocks that I make in Shawnigan Lake, BC. An apron would be excellent for protecting my clothes. I absolutely love your paint and no longer use ‘the other guys paint’.

  86. I would love to try the short brushes and I never even thought to wear an apron when I paint. I love that idea!!!

  87. I am LOVING Country Chic Paints… and I JUST bought a paintbrush from you that came in last week – which really DOES work great!!

  88. We are moving soon and my son will have his first bedroom of his own….I will be painting his dresser as a surprise for him πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you are adding short handled brushes, I almost exclusively use them when I paint!

  89. This apron would be awesome to wear while I paint chairs and a table, with the short handled brushes which will help especially in the tight spots, for my grandson and his fiance who are planning to be married in July.

  90. These new brushes will be perfect for my end table with a second shel for magazines, not much space to work in, also for painting the inside of a bookcase.

  91. Just finished my first project but I think I used the wrong kind of brush as you can see brush strokes. Would love to win these brushes for my next project!

  92. I found a really neat cabinet at my local antime mall and I’m waiting for the piece to “speak” to me, letting me know what color it wants to be πŸ™‚ I would love to try the new paint brush on it when I do paint it! The apron would come in handy, and look a lot more stylish than my old sweat shirt!

  93. I would love to try the new short handled brushes. My hands get extremely tired and sore with the longer handles and the angle on them would be perfect to get into the corners and be more precise when painting edges.

  94. The short handled brush would make painting my furniture projects so much easier. And the apron would make me look prettier doing it!

  95. Just bought paint to try. Excited to do my first project. New brushes and and apron would make it that much better!

  96. I would love to use these brushes to refinish my old outdated kitchen cabinets as soon as we are done remodeling our kitchen. Then I have lots more ideas for them after that πŸ™‚ Love your products!!!

  97. I am in the middle of painting a magazine stand and mail rack, a short handled paint brush would be very helpful!! The Apron will help me look great while working on my projects.

  98. I have a couple of craft projects for spring and trying out a new brush and your paint would be a fresh start for the year. Wearing a pretty new apron would top it off! Thank you!

  99. I would love to use the new brushes on my new project of painting a piano and a bench. I am using “Harmony” on the piano. The brush sizes would work so well. The apron is almost too pretty to use. I might us it in another project!

  100. I think the short handled brushes would be comfortable to work with. Hope I can win one to try out with my projects this Spring.

  101. I am just today starting my first project. I am going to do six chairs a dining table, houser, and buffet. I like to jump in with two feet to a new project. I have enjoyed your messages I am emailed and would also love to try out these new products. I love an apron for all my painting projects, this one is very cute and much fresher than the one I use now.

  102. I would love to try your brushes on a couple of projects I’ve been putting off. My dresser and night stand need some help. Of course, the adorable apron will help keep my clothes clean.

  103. I have an old piano I am turning into a bar for my hubby’s “man cave” I love this paint so much for projects like this! — it’s a big project so the apron would definitely be a bonus – I usually end up with more paint on me then whatever I’m painting πŸ™‚

  104. I have an old library cabinet that has been scuffed and scratched – I want to redo it with “bliss” and make an eye catching room addition with it ! the short handled brushed would be great for the trim details on this piece

  105. I would love to win the apron and the two brushes. I am going to be painting the nursery for my daughter and these would help greatly! Her theme is all things ocean.

  106. As a prospect for Country Chic, we would love to use the brushes and apron in a training class as we are testing the product. I’m hoping we place our first order this week! Thanks!

  107. I found 3 large detailed picture frames and 2 large wood signs all in great shape put out with the neighbors trash, They need a little country chic to update their vintage look! The angle paint brushes will be perfect for all the pieces and I really need the apron since a lot of my clothes now have paint on them.

  108. My moms old table that she gave me whin I got married 25 years ago .but she is gone and wanted to fresh it up

  109. I would love to win these items… I have not yet used the paints, I want to paint my dinning room table and chairs. The brushes would be wonderful, as I have only purchased the paint (black licorice) at this point. Being that I am a newbie at painting I could probably find the apron a life saver πŸ™‚

  110. First project will be an end table, then there is the crib, bread box, a couple dressers, basically everything I can paint, I will.

  111. I would use these items to paint (as a surprise for my daughter) a 1950’s fake walnut finish bureau that has sliding doors and 2 drawers and which is the perfect height to place a small TV on.

  112. I have a furniture painting business and I’m always looking for ways to make it run more efficiently and I think these brushes can do that, would love to try one out

  113. ;LOVE this product!!!! I love how it goes on and very little sanding is required. I have done many projects and always leaving paint on my clothes somewhere. sure could use a lovely apron. the short handles brushes are also easier on your hands and wrist.

  114. I have many woodworking projects on the go that I would use these on, like kids puzzles, signs and a coffee table I am making myself.

  115. I have so many projects to do and ideas from looking at your Facebook page. The pieces of furniture are lining up for their make-overs. Just yesterday I put the second coat on an old side table then once I distress it I’ll be picking up the wax brush and some wax to finish it off. So excited!

  116. That apron is so pretty!! I would much rather wear that while painting than my hubby’s old t shirt!! My next project is a set of 3 square nesting shelves so the short handled brush would be great to get in there with!

  117. What a wonderful gift to win! I would use the brushes and apron to paint all my old -but new to me- goodies I have collected!!

  118. Love to use your new brushes to makeover a Spanish colonial bedroom set, while rockin’ a country chuc apron of course!

  119. I bought some paints to redo an old cabinet in the entry hall. My project has not started yet, needles to say I didn’t get brushes yet! Lol would be awesome to get me started!

  120. I have a couple of projects I need to start, coffee table, round end table …. new brushes an an apron would kick this off perfectly.

  121. My project list is a long one! Next up: a dresser and hutch that is being repurposed for a craft/guest room (the nest is emptying!) Would love to receive these gifts. Thank you!

  122. I found a lovely little set of nesting tables today, would love to try out the brushes on them! The apron is so pretty, I’d feel so professional wearing it! πŸ™‚

  123. I use your paints all the time. I have a booth at a local Collective. Sometimes I paint there in public so an apron would be awesome. Next project up is a French Provincial bed and dresser. The brushes sure would come in handy too.

  124. I would definitely use the apron on my body!!! And the brushes would definitely not be sitting idle! I think I would tackle the beautiful hope chest I am restoring for my daughter.

  125. My list of items to use the brushes on is endless as I am constantly purchasing ” less than perfect ” furniture at thrift stores and garage sales. Sitting in my already packed garage are two dressers, numerous coffee and living room side tables, bed side tables, shelves, toolboxes, chairs and lots of other items I have forgotten about and will discover when I rearrange this spring. First on the list is an tall antique dresser I would like to reinvent and sell at the upcoming shabby chic event held by the antique market in our city. It would be fabulous to have additional brushes, especially wider ones, as the one I already own has become my brush of choice.

  126. I have an library index drawer chest that I would love to paint. The new brushes would be so convenient to use!

  127. For our fifth anniversary, I’m making my boyfriend a chalk-painted British flag dresser. He is obsessed with the flag, and will of perfectly in our Beatles inspired spare room! These brushes will work amazingly for it! And the apron will keep my clothes clean and look more fashionable than the ripped old paint stained clothes I currently paint in!!

  128. I love the apron because even though we are painting we love to look and feel pretty. You can always use extra brushes. I only have 2 brushes to work with, the quality of them is spectacular. I would use these on a waterfall buffet
    I just purchased!!

  129. I am currently working on refinishing a 9 piece dining room table and I would love to use your brushes and apron to complete this far I have finished 1 chair and I absolutely am in love with the way country chic paint has made it look so professional and gorgeous.

  130. My Husband and I just moved into my parents house, they are living in a tiny house that we built and we are completely refurbishing everything! Our next project is the kitchen! We are painting the cabinets in the Cranberry Sauce, we can not wait!

  131. Your brushes would make light work of my next project, a large chest of drawers in my bedroom. I like the shorter handle, it feels more comfortable, and who wouldn’t want to look stylish while doing it in your lovely apron. Fingers crossed!

  132. I’m currently working on a bench for my hallway in my first apartment! Next I’m going to try and make my own desk. A brush and apron would most definitely be helpful in my creative projects!

  133. I would LOVE to try the brushes out on a set of lockers that I’ve been working on and have yet to complete because of the small corners and hidden areas! The aprons would be so nice to have my rags and tools right there and ready to conquer any project. πŸ™‚

  134. I have a garage full of pieces just waiting to be refinished. Your apron and new brushes would surely be helpful!

  135. would love to have them for my first country chic project. renovating an older home in french country and would be great for all my painting projects.

  136. Going to paint my kitchen cabinets and could use more paint brushes as well as the apron because
    I’m sure this is going to get messy.

  137. I’m have plans to build several outdoor benches this year and will be painting A LOT of boards! I could definitely use those brushes and apron because I’ve been known to make a mess πŸ™‚

  138. I love your paint! Would love to wear the pretty apron instead of my husbands old t-shirts. I could use the brushes on our dining room table I’m about to refinish!

  139. I am a paintoholic, lol Love to paint. I have projects on the go & this would be wonderful to win. Thank you

  140. I am remodeling my kitchen and would use them for painting my kitchen cabinets and also a dining room table.

  141. I am a little bit of a hot mess when I paint so I totally need this apron!! I would prob wear it to paint in and cook in and clean and garden and wash the dogs and then accidently end up wearing it to the store…. But! I digress. I have my daughters chest of drawers and vanity desk with mirror to paint next!!

  142. Since we are having our second child on the way, I am planning to get a few pieces of furniture painted for his/her room. I’m so excited to use light colors for them. Also, I am planning to re-paint our fireplace with a clay-based “fire side” which I have already purchased at a local store.

  143. I have an old armoire that is in need of a make over. I will also be updating my kitchen cabinets to give them a fresh look.

  144. How exciting!!!! I am looking forward to painting a old vanity that I have been storing in the basement for quite some time now!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  145. I’ve just started making-over old (and inexpensive) second hand furniture while on maternity leave. I put the baby down for a nap and I paint! I’ve been so proud of the results of my projects, I just keep going! Next is a 7-drawer chest of drawers – can’t wait!

  146. I have not been able to find good short handled brushes to reach those tight spaces….these would be amazing!

  147. I have several pieces I have collected, but have been nervous to jump in. I would like to do a desk for my granddaughter first. Then kitchen table, dresser and …..

  148. I am getting ready to paint by bedroom suite, a rice bed, high boy, dresser and 2 night stands. All the pieces have a lot of details. Can’t wait to see it finished. Excited.

  149. I recently used the Cobblestone color to redo my bathroom vanity. I loved it so much, I’m planning on doing the other vanity and turning an old dresser into a kitchen island. A apron and brushes would come in handy πŸ˜‰

  150. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Apron and brushes! Would use them on my Dresser that is in dire need of an upgrade, and then help my Mother upgrade SEVERAL pieces of her furniture to give them a nice facelift!! So please help me out! πŸ™‚

  151. I am going to be helping my husband build a swing for our friend who has MD and is confined to a wheelchair. I plan on doing it up with her favorite colors and this paint would be fantastic!

  152. Genius!!!! love the idea of the short handled brushes!!! Can’t begin to count how many handles I have cut off of paintbrushes to suit a project I was doing!!!!! makes a task way easier especially in tight places!

  153. I am new to upcycling furniture and my next project is a really unique corner chair and I am planning on trying out the wet distressing technique and am wanting to try using your chalk paint on the fabric seat as well. The brushes and apron would be an added bonus for getting my project started!

  154. I would love to use these products on my furniture re-dos I have planned. I have 2 old t-shirts that I save for painting and they are quite colorful from my messiness! πŸ™‚ I think an apron would be nice so I can throw these shirts away and not have to worry about the mess.

  155. I have so many projects in the wings for warmer weather and refinishing several pieces of furniture are at the top of my list! So excited to use your paints and other products to make my pieces beautiful again!

  156. I can’t wait till the weather warms up so I can get outdoors and paint the wooden items stash growing in my basement. In the meantime I’ve got a bathroom vanity needing an update. I would love to add the brushes and apron to my favorite tools.

  157. I am new to painting furniture and just getting started. Would be beneficial with the small table I will be doing.

  158. The apron is so beautiful! I like flower pattern. I’d like to try the brush or apron for painting the wall and use it when i do cooking. I love painting.

  159. I am ready for my next project and this prize would give me the perfect start:). Thanks for an opportunity to win!

  160. I’m very new to chalk paint or really any type of painting. I can honestly say I’ve done enough to know I absolutely love painting. I’m looking around in my house to see what will my next project be? I’d love to have one of your aprons and new brushes to work with. Love, Love, love your paint and products.

  161. Hi I’m Linda and would love to have these brushes. I have a small business painting furniture and these short brushes will be awesome getting in between shelves. I’ve never tried your paint but tried when you were giving away the samples, but no retailers were close to me. Maybe one day…

  162. I would use them on the first project that I’m going to tackle! It’s a small dresser that came from my husbands’ grandmothers’ house… Can’t wait to make it into a piece that we can use!

  163. Oooh….what a wonderful giveaway! Thanks a million! I am looking at my old bedroom set…it include pieces from different sets…all hand me downs, of course…and I would love to paint them, so they would all look the same! Apron is beyond cute and I really would need some brushes to paint with..LOL! Thanks again so very much!

  164. I am going to attempt my first piece of furniture in many years, and am thoroughly confused, think it is causing the onset of dementia, The apron and brush would be the tipping point to all the choices out there.

  165. Getting ready for our son’s wedding in September. Painting old frames to match wedding colors with glass removed and replaced with wood painted with chalkboard paint.

  166. I have a steamer truck that can to Canada by ship from Germany many, many years ago. I am going to attempt to take off all the layers of paint off and stain it to its original condition. Wish me luck!

  167. I have several pieces I would like to paint. I just found a shop nearby that sells your products. I bought one of the paints and the brushes would sure be great. Also I tend to always get paint on myself and the apron is very cute.
    Thank you…

  168. with just getting into the refinishing of furniture my supplies are limited and the items would be great for using to refinish a small table that is ready to be worked on!

  169. There are a lot of small tables, dressers and some small-ish cabinets that are just begging to be painted here. I’m due for some new brushes right about now!

  170. Hello! What an awesome giveaway! I repurpose furniture all the time for a space I have in a shop. I would love to try your brushes out on my pieces! I’m sure I would love them, and why not look stylish in one of your adorable aprons while painting with one of your brushes!

    Thank you,
    Aimee L

  171. Hello! I have not tried your brushes before so I would love to use these brushes for repainting an old captains chair and a dresser for my boy!

    Thank you!

    Shaunagh M

  172. I’m excited about my first grandbaby, a little boy, who will arrive in August! I have lots of nursery projects planned. Could really use the brushes!!

  173. I would love the incentive, and motivation that the apron and brushes would give me to finish all the projects I’ve been putting on hold. πŸ˜‰ Thanks so much. “Kendra” πŸ™‚

  174. Ina Fowler I Want To Refurbish My Great Uncle,s Granfathers Clock That Has Been In Our Family For Years. I Would Just Be So Excited To Get A Chance To Try & Use Your’e New Line Of
    Brushes & Be Proud To Wear Your’e Beautiful Apron To Represent Your Company!

  175. Painting a 104 year old cottage.It needs alot of paint.The apron will be used as a award for painting this cottage.

  176. I would love to try these brushes — I refinish furniture of all kinds and the shorter handles would be great! The apron may save some of my clothes, too!

  177. I just started to use your paints and just finished a dresser- love the paint
    I generally use angle brushes and would love to try yours

  178. I would love some new brushes considering I will be painting the baby’s room and these brushes look like a perfect tool for the detailed job. I can’t wait. And the apron would keep me cleaner. Thank you for the chance!

  179. I AM GOING TO paint a dresser and mirror , for my 3 year old great niece in her new bedroom . she is finally having her own room seperated from baby brother . i will then paint a tree branch with birds nest across the top with robbins eggs in the nest ! with her inital on the raisd area thats on the center front drawer . just have to decide if i want to paint the body pink or off white ! her name is kynslee .

  180. I can’t wait to try the short-handled brushes when I paint + distress my antique oak buffet vanity in my guest bath. They will be a huge help when I try to reach all those hidden spots! Carla Calvert taught my class over the past few weekends + i’m psyched!!!

  181. Oh yes, would love the apron. It would fit right over my pj’s which I’ve been known to work in at times! Love those small angled brushes. My next project is a great hall mirror and table I’m prepping at this time.

  182. I found a 1940’s server/ buffet this weekend and will have to paint the inside to get the smell out and these short handled brushes will do the trick! Also, my apron is soooo covered in paint I could sure use a new one:)

  183. O i will be using them on all the pieces of furniture that my husband had to buy a storage unit for. :/ yea..its that bad!

  184. I just purchased an old antique teachers desk that has a very enclosed shelf and I was thinking how am I going to get my hands and brush in there? Short brush is exactly what I was thinking without having to cut one of my longer ones! The apron would come in handy as every piece of clothing I own resembles my Country Chic colour card!!

  185. Redoing my bedroom and bought country chic paint to paint my furniture. Would these items to use for my project.

  186. How exciting!!! I’ve got a ’60’s night stand and small chest to start with, wasn’t sure the type of brushes to use, and I have some nerve damage in my right arm so the apron would be great to keep the paint off of my clothes. BTW love love your products!

  187. I have plans for bedside tables with some ornamental detailing so these brushes would be perfect. And the apron goes without saying!

  188. I’m working on 3 different furniture projects right now and a couple brand spanking new brushes sure would come in handy – especially is they’re made to work well with your paint which is what I’m using. And the apron would be a charming godsend, as I’m embarrassingly messy when I paint πŸ˜‰

  189. I have a hutch that is waiting to be finished, along with a ton of other projects. I’d love to win the apron but will feel a little bad messing it up with paint! Great idea with the new brushes!

  190. I use your paint all the time for my small side business. Love the new clay based paint. Would be honored to win this wonderful set!!! I would use it weekly if not daily. πŸ™‚

  191. I have been buying and have been given beautiful pieces for the past year in anticipation of my retirement in 130 days. I have some beautiful tables and chairs calling my name. I did a project with your Country Chic paint and loved it.

  192. I am new to this, but I have an old wood planter stand that needs some lovin and I do believe the brushes would be great for the inside and the legs.

  193. WOW…what a great give-away, especially for those of us newbie’s that can use some help! I’ve been collecting pieces to be repurposed and these products would give me the push I need to begin….:-)

  194. I am starting a new project to make a bench for my front porch from 3 old dining room chairs. A new brush and an apron would get me off to a good start. Thanks.

  195. Short handle brush! Yes! There have been so many times I have needed this! I would use it on a kitchen island I am reperposing from a dresser. I’m adding shelf where the drawers were, and we all know that those long handles get in the way in those small spaces.
    And the cute apron would be a added bonus!
    Plus I just love your paint, just started using it. Never thought I would venture away from my go to paint.

  196. going to be repainting my entire house and I also have several projects to work on around the house such as sanding and staining a table and chairs

  197. Oh, so much to do. I replaced my Mom’s mailbox last summer and I took the wooden address numbers off the post and saved them. I want to paint those and put them over the garage. I built her a raised garden bed as well, with wooden lattice walls surrounding it. I want to paint that. I power washed her deck and that could use some paint, or at least a coat of sealant. Lots of apron-worthy work left to do this spring at her house.

  198. I have a lovely vintage sewing machine cabinet that has seen a lot of love and could use a coat of paint to restore her to her former glory! Thanks for the opportunity!

  199. HI. Im just getting a old chair ready to paint. Im thinking full bloom and possibly a gold wax to bring out the details! as you know it is difficult to get in and around some of those tight corners on many chairs; this brush would be a huge help! as well I’m quite messy with painting and I’m starting to run out of old clothes to turn into paint clothes! this apron would be a huge help! haha

  200. id use the apron to cover my “painting nightshirt” (its very comfy!) πŸ˜‰ and the brushes on an old wash stand of my great grandma’s…i use it as nightstand and it needs some tlc.

  201. I am getting ready to paint my first piece,(kitchen table) I have only one old brush. Would like very much to have your new brushes. thanks

  202. How fun! I’m going to FINALLY attempt painting my outdated oak (blah!) bedroom furniture. After 10 yrs of marrige and 2 kids later, it and our bedroom definitely needs a facelift! Thank you from a fellow Canadian:)

  203. I have a friend who re purposes furniture, I would give the brushes to her. The apron, I would keep for myself and use it when I did my gardening or baking.

  204. A “I’ll love you to the moon and back” sign for our new baby’s room. That and I have a dresser, kids play table and house deco stuff to do πŸ™‚

  205. I would love to use the brush on a dresser I am going to tackle. I only have a course brush and would like one that will leave a nice finish. I am also very messy when I am painting furniture. This will help a lot.

  206. oooh, these brushes would fit perfectly in my hand while making my home decor signs for kids and adults and the apron has pretty flowers that would brighten my day as I paint:)

  207. There are a couple of “found” objects (a bench, an end table or two) in my garage that need some tender loving care. Nice giveaway; thanks!

  208. I have a dresser I am looking to paint and would love to try your paint and brushes! I am a messy painter so tha apron would be nice

  209. Very excited to see the paint brushes! Brush marks are a big problem for me (could also be the warm temps where I live) I have an end table that is awaiting my attention. It is a gift for a friend.

  210. I recently found a small antique table (end table?) that I will soon have the opportunity to paint. I want the end product to have a driftwood color appearance, which means I will be using about 3 different colors of paint. I could definitely use the short handle brushes and the apron!

  211. I’ve used shorter handled brushes before I love how they fit my hand & how much control I have with them. Would love to try yours on the dough boards I’m painting Thanks

  212. I have a bamboo rug I would like to try out with 2,separate colors of your chalk paint . And would also like tovusevthe brushes to whitewash the living room hard wood floors. Apron might help some as I crawl around on floors

  213. Ooh! I love the apron! I have an ugly entertainment unit in my livingroom. It’s my plan to chalk paint and wax it a dark gray, as well as put some kind of back on it to hide appliance cords. ☺️

  214. Hi – I’m using your terrific paints on the furniture that was in our old cabin for the past 60 years! This winter we are building a new one and I want to keep the old pieces but with the new. Your paints will help me do this!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  215. I’m painting some furniture for my boys’ college rental rooms. I get so full of paint when I work that an apron would be a huge bonus! Maybe I’d stay cleaner with some short-handled brushes. Love to win yours!

  216. Thanks Country Chic Paint! I use your paint all the time for a small business I have repainting furniture. My favorite is your new clay based paint. I would be honored to win this great giveaway and would use the items weekly if not daily.

  217. These two pieces would give me the incentive to get at the old furniture that has been adorning my spare bedroom for years. A small dresser, night stand and wardrobe are begging for a makeover with chalk paint!

  218. I found an antique cane bottom chair that really needs a new coat of paint to bring her back to life. The short handled brush would be perfect and I am such a messy painter my husband would love for me to have the apron so he doesn’t have to buy new clothes. Thanks!

  219. Hi am new to Country Chic but my sister raves about it and sells product in her store. I’ve been collecting pieces to paint and now need brushes. As my projects are mostly small I like the idea of these short handled brushes. I so hope I win but will hopefully order some soon.

  220. Just completed my first furniture makeover using regular paint. Have my next project lined up and am excited to try your paint. Love the apron. I am an apron person. They help keep my clothes clean. Would love to try the brushes

  221. My husband bought a very old & sturdy cabinet over 30 years ago & our daughte painted it with the “free sample” chalk paint from Country Chic & now we’re addicted! We would certainly put the apron & brushes to good use as we transform our world one “old made new” project at a time!

  222. I have just finished my first restoration piece. I restored an old roll top desk using entirely Country Chic products and absolutely loved them. I have chairs, old window frames and many more decorations for my office needing completed and would love to use the new items to help me complete them!

  223. Getting ready to paint a dresser to hold the new television that we are getting for my husbands 50th birthday. Would love to try the brushes.

  224. I have many projects to do once the warmer weather arrives so brushes would be a big help as well as an apron to boot.

  225. Would love to have these. I’m needing to work on a few projects. Dresser and dining room set. Apron is cute!

  226. I have a number of projects…big and small…I want to attempt soon. I am waiting for a bit warmer weather so I can work out in the garage! These brushes would be so handy, and the apron is lovely!

  227. I have a smaller bookcase that is sanded and ready to go and will be my first bigger chalk paint project. I would LOVE to have these beautiful supplies to assist my project πŸ™‚

  228. This contest is right up my alley! LOL I always hold my paint brushes on the bottom part of the stem and often thought I should invest in short handled brushes. This would become my favorite brush in the workshop hands down. Also, I’ve been making my own workshop aprons from dollar store aprons and TAP paper but the quality is definitely not there. I would be doing the happy dance with a decent quality apron and happy to support my favorite Canadian chalk paint retailer when I greet client’s at the door! Keeping my finger’s crossed – thanks for the contest.

  229. I have the Vanilla Frosting Country Chic paint that I want use to remodel my coffee table. The paint brushes and apron will be a fantastic way to complete my project streak free and without making a mess on my clothes. Thanks for providing contest to allow your clients to try your product.

  230. Oh there are SO many things I would use these brushes with! I recently bought a can of ‘bliss’ and ‘vanilla frosting’ I plan to reprint our dining room table with!!
    I’ve never found any of your brushes and would love to try them with this upcoming project!

  231. I have a pair of nightstands just waiting for warmer weather so I can paint them up with ‘Vanilla Frosting’. πŸ™‚ I love to tackle this job with your new brush and apron as well!

  232. Promised my hubby that I would get this old dresser painted and out of the garage before spring!!! He really needs some I just bought a wonderful shade of blue paint~~these accessories would be so nice…

  233. I have a 4 drawer dresser I am anxious to do, these brushes would great to have and that apron is a real hobby statement, love it.

  234. I am new to hobby painting and have so many pieces I want to transform already! Having the proper tools is a must. These brushes would really come in handy. Thank-you for all the information and chances to win great stuff!

  235. I’ve just left my job to paint (and knit) full-time so actually I am starting MANY projects! I think my boyfriend would love the apron the most just cause I’m such a “Pig Pen”!

  236. I would use them to paint props for all the little ones who come for photo shoots…but I am pretty sure I could find a few projects for myself too. πŸ˜‰

  237. I just bought an old door with a wheat pattern on it, reminds me if my great grandma’s house when I was little! Anyway, would love to try out the new shorter handled brush!!

  238. I’m new to your collection of products & would love to sample them on my latest paint project, a vintage table radio.

  239. I have this gorgeous two layer end table that we are re-purposing into a night stand for my daughter. The paintbrushes and apron would help greatly with making this end table into her own personal piece.

  240. I am going to attempt to paint my kitchen cupboards and the pretty apron would give me morale support! The brushes look much better than any I have.

  241. before my Mother in law pasted away yeasrs ago she asked me to take and refinish her fist bedroom set . now that i am hopefully at the end of mymedical problem i would Love to do that for her!! i think the apron that is so cute would work great, and the brushes would work great!!
    i think all of this will help make her set turn out just as my Other Mother would Love!! Thank U!

  242. Planning to paint my son’s crib and change table with “creme brulee” and “full bloom” for our new baby. Also, I’d like to repaint our firplace with “fireside”

  243. Hi. I would love to use the short handle brushes on a desk I am starting soon in licorice. How nice it will be to have a brush handle I don’t cut off! The apron, well you just need to see my paint clothes then I wouldn’t have to say a thing.

  244. I would use them on a 1950’s vanity that is in need of some tlc. It once belonged to my Mom and I’ve already had to strip off the original finish and since learning about Country Chic Paint I plan on using it on the vanity.

  245. I use country chic paint exclusively! I paint my things at one of your authorized dealers and would live to be seen wearing this apron!

  246. I have a small project just waiting for me to get at it. It is a wooden bread box. These short handle brushes would be perfect to get the job. The apron is something I have been meaning to pick up. What wonderful prizes for a contest. Love your paint and would love to win these items. Thanks for your great tutorials and we site.

  247. I recently attended a workshop where your paint was showcased! I loved it and now I would like to try to paint a bookcase, ( which has lots of details on the trim), for my grandkids. The brushes would definitely help me. And my clothes would love the protection.

  248. I have several new projects to start this Spring and am in dire need of new brushes that don’t leave stroke marks, especially with darker paint colors. The apron would be a bonus to save my clothes! πŸ™‚

  249. I found a sweet vintage rocking chair that I’m going to paint in Peacoat. This is my very first furniture painting project and am so excited! I don’t really have any supplies yet so these would be great πŸ™‚

  250. I am wanting to paint my dining table for my Spring project. I have done several projects using your products and love them!!

  251. I’m moving soon and I have a china cabinet that was given to me almost 30 years ago. I hated the colour then, and it hasn’t grown on me lol. I want to try painting it because if I don’t love it after paint, it’s NOT coming to my new house!

  252. I would use the brushes just to try a brush I have yet to get my hands on. And the apron ? Well who couldn’t use an apron in hopes of just having one outfit paint free!

  253. I’ve been using your paint for over a year. Could sure use short handled brushes for inside of cupboards and such. Love your products!

  254. What a great launch! I would love to paint my bench in Rocky Mountain with a new brush and the swanky apron:)

  255. I will be working on designing and painting several cabinets. A smaller size paint brush would be fabulous for all the tight places.And I am hoping will help my hand not be so sore after several hours of painting.

  256. I am signing up for one of your classes and would love to have this apron to use in the class. The brushes are a great idea. If I don’t win this time I may have to buy them.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  257. My mother’s dresser from when she was a child – to hand down to my daughter – thinking of Elegance – my FAVORITE blue!!! Can’t wait for the transformation to reveal itself πŸ™‚

  258. I have an old cheval mirror that I am planning on painting soon, bathroom cabinets, some metal lanterns, a wooden high chair, a dresser, a bookshelf, a wall mirror, several picture frames and the list goes on and on…. πŸ™‚

  259. Would love to use these brushes on a small side table I found along the side of the road. Going to surprise my daughter with it for her birthday next month.

  260. I have a antique desk that just got repaired and is waiting for my attention to paint and your brushes would do a wonderful job of it with me in one of your aprons.

  261. Your paint product is wonderful and I am sure the brushes only add to the texture and finished product, am making new chairs for summer plants and look forward to my finished product.

  262. I have a can of your paint and a few items like a antique phone desk and chair, a antique trunk, and dresser, and other things I want to redo. I think what has stop me from using the paint is I want a smoother look that I been seeing, I kept thinking maybe a different brush and maybe someday I would try what older brushes I aIready own. I am excited about how these new brushes seem to work.

  263. I’m going to tackle an old fashioned potato bin with screens on the doors…I would love to use the correct “tools” to do so – plus, I want to grow up to be just like you talented people!

  264. I”m preparing to tackle an antique secretary desk. I’d love to use the brushes and that wonderful apron to paint it in Peacoat! (BTW, LOVE the apron design. It’s the only kind that will truly fit short-waisted people.)

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