New Spring/Summer 2016 Limited Edition Colors Are Here!

We’re very excited to introduce our brand new line of spring/summer limited edition colors! Read on to hear a bit about each new color.

We have some very exciting news for you: our new limited edition colors are finally ready to order! We know many of you have been very eager to get your hands on them, so read on to find out how you can purchase them today!

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This line features 6 new coastal inspired colors that we’re sure you’re going to love.

First up is Driftwood. It’s a much-requested soft, greyish brown. For this line we have also selected a beautiful muted, grey-blue called Sea Storm that is similar in some ways to the ever-popular Summer Blueberries, but with a touch more grey. Next up is Mermaid’s Tale. We are just in love with this dusty periwinkle hue that would look stunning in a cottage inspired home, or in any little girl’s room. There is also a new muted green called Dune Grass. It is a subtle color with a blue undertone given it a beachy, cottage feel and reminding us of a duck egg color. For those drawn to neutrals, Coastal Fog is a very pleasant warm grey color. Last but not least, we don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love a good turquoise… This fresh color called Ocean Breeze is exactly the pop of color that a special piece needs. It reminds us of tropical water and white sandy beaches.

Spring/Summer Limited Edition Colors 2016 #DIY #paintcolors #colorinspiration #coastal #beachy #furniturepaint #homedecor #limitededition -

Watch this video to see more examples of each color!


These colors are now available in pints and 4 oz jars in our All-in-One Decor Paint formulation. You can order from our online shop and you can also find them at many of our retail locations. Please call your local retailer for availability.

4 thoughts on “New Spring/Summer 2016 Limited Edition Colors Are Here!

  1. Love the new colours. Mermaids Tails and Ocean Breeze are lovely. can’t wait to get my hands on a few and get painting 🙂

  2. Oh the new colours are gorgeous! They would look beautiful all together on a piece they are so complimentary. Love, Love Love <3

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