Blue and Green Chair Makeover

Stephanie from Crafting in the Rain gave this chair a bright, fun new look with a bit of Luscious Lime! Come see how she did it…

Do you have anything in your house that’s been through several makeovers? I have a couple of pieces like that, and this chair is one of them. I bought it several years ago and first painted it a cream color. I tried using spray paint, and it just didn’t work out great. The next version was about a year later and it went teal. Now it’s time for another update, and I knew it would look fabulous with a green top coat and the blue showing through. Here’s how I did it:

Blue and Green Chair Makeover #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #distressed #popofcolor #limegreen #homedecor -

I painted two coats of Luscious Lime Country Chic Paint over the whole chair. At first I thought I’d just use one coat, but too much blue was still showing through. I wanted more contrast between the green and the areas I was going to distress. The second coat didn’t use a much paint and went on very quickly.

Blue and Green Chair Makeover #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #distressed #popofcolor #limegreen #homedecor -

After the second coat had dried about an hour, I took a wet washcloth and started rubbing away some of the green paint. Take off a little at first, see if you like it, or if you want more of the base color showing through keep going.

Blue and Green Chair Makeover #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #distressed #popofcolor #limegreen #homedecor -

I used the All-in-One paint, so I can apply County Chic wax over it, or I can leave it just the way it is and it will still be durable. What’s great is that I did this whole chair using just a sample size of Luscious Lime, and there’s still some left over. So a chair like this is a perfect beginner project to see if you like the paint and like the process. Plus, the paint doesn’t smell, so you can do the whole thing right inside your house if you want. Let me know how you like the chair, and thanks for reading!

Blue and Green Chair Makeover #DIY #furniturepainting #paintedfurniture #distressed #popofcolor #limegreen #homedecor -

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