How to Paint a Staircase Using Chalk-Based Paint

If you have an outdated or dingy staircase, come see this project by Kendra from Joy in Our Home in Simplicity and Tough Coat!

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to be back to share another project I did using chalk-based paint! That stuff never cease to amaze me!

This time I don’t have an old, neglected thrift-store-find-makeover to share with you all. It’s actually the staircase in our home that has been begging to be painted. You see, when we moved into our home it had all oak trim. While some people love oak, it wasn’t for us so we slowly started to change all the trim over to white. Door frames and baseboards got done but our staircase stayed oak. Now that it’s the only oak left in our home, it really sticks out. Like a sore thumb. And it’s the first thing you see when you enter our house.

Chalkpaint Staircase

The thing I love about Country Chic Paint is that you don’t have to sand off previous stain or paint. I couldn’t imagine sanding spindles of all things! We did sand the top of the railing and post but only because those are areas that’ll get touched a lot so I sanded just to be on the safe side. We applied 2 coats stain to the top rail and let it dry for 24 hours. We then applied a couple coats of Simplicity to the rails. Last, I added a coat of Tough Coat on the top rails to protect the surface from all the hands that would be sliding along there constantly.

Chalkpaint Staircase

The thing I can’t stress enough is the kind of paintbrush you use when painting. I use the Country Chic 50.8mm brush and love it! It’s perfect to get into confined spaces like spindles and works especially great along walls, carpet or other areas you don’t want to get paint on.

Short Handle Paint Brush

I absolutely love how they now tie in with all the other white in our home!

Chalkpaint Staircase

Thanks so much for following along! Hope your day is wonderful!

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