Adding Details With Pocket Watch Metallic Cream

Looking to create an inexpensive gallery wall? Carrie from Thirty Eighth Street used Perfection, Harmony, Cheesecake, and Vanilla Frosting to make a beautiful and cohesive set of frames for her home! To really make them pop, she finished it off with Pocket Watch metallic cream.

Shopping for new picture frames can be expensive and difficult to pull together. Today, I’m going to share an easy way for you to create a custom curated collection that won’t break your bank! Whether you’re looking to pull together a gallery wall, searching for wedding decor, want to dress up a nursery/child’s room or add a pop of color to your space, painting your own set of thrift store frames can give YOU the ability to customize your color scheme while up-cycling inexpensively.

Adding Details With Pocket Watch Metallic Cream #DIY #crafting #frames #refurbish #purple #gold #metallic #homedecor #furniturepaint -

I started with this box of mismatched frames. Some of them were made from wood, some were made out of metal and some were even plastic. It doesn’t matter what your frames are made from because you’re going to paint them. You’ll be amazed at how a little paint and metallic cream can really turn your sad little frames from blah and boring to “Oh, that’s amazing!”.

How did I create this set?

I selected several frames in different sizes from my pile and painted them with Country Chic Furniture & Home Decor Paint in the colors: Perfection, Perfection & Vanilla Frosting custom mix, Harmony, Vanilla Frosting and Cheesecake.

I dry brushed some of the flatter areas of the frames in complimentary colors to create the illusion of additional texture and depth. A few of the frames possessed some really nice detail work. Those are the types of characteristics that really plays well to the Metallic Cream’s strengths. Taking a small paint brush, I dabbed my brush lightly into my jar of Country Chic Paint Metallic Cream in Pocket Watch and then feathered the cream into the raised detailed areas. It was also applied in random spots along the frames. A little bit of Metallic Cream goes a long way. You don’t need much! Here you can see a close up of the detail work and how the application of Pocket Watch really picked up some of those details.

Adding Details With Pocket Watch Metallic Cream #DIY #crafting #frames #refurbish #purple #gold #metallic #homedecor #furniturepaint -

I’m smitten! Pocket Watch Metallic Cream added a little bit of shimmer and glam to this DIY project. Here are a few more photographs with the frames altogether. Isn’t the Metallic Cream simply fabulous!?

Adding Details With Pocket Watch Metallic Cream #DIY #crafting #frames #refurbish #purple #gold #metallic #homedecor #furniturepaint -

Adding Details With Pocket Watch Metallic Cream #DIY #crafting #frames #refurbish #purple #gold #metallic #homedecor #furniturepaint -

Adding Details With Pocket Watch Metallic Cream #DIY #crafting #frames #refurbish #purple #gold #metallic #homedecor #furniturepaint -

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Carrie {Thirty Eighth Street}

Hi! I’m Carrie from sunny Southern Arizona and blogger at Thirty Eighth Street. I live in a house full of rumble tumble boys and paint is my nail polish. I love the process of repurposing, reusing and recycling unloved furniture and turning them into show stopper pieces. I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to decorate a home. My mission is to demonstrate this, one piece at a time!

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