How to Make a Sign with a Graphic

Join Kendra from Joy in Our Home to learn how to make an image transfer sign like this adorable ring bearer sign in Simplicity!

A couple of months ago as my sister was planning her wedding, she mentioned a sign she wanted the little ring bearer to hold as he was coming up the aisle. Normally, these signs would retail for around $30 and with my ever-present supply of wood in our garage, I knew I could easily make one for my sister’s big day!! I absolutely love how it turned out and the cute little ring bearer got lots of chuckles from the crowd as he was coming up the aisle!

Sign using Chalkpaint

Here’s what you need:

Simplicity seems to be my go-to paint color for so many things! I wanted the sign to look elegant so Simplicity’s crisp white color was my obvious choice. I gave the wood a couple of coats of Simplicity, making sure it was dry before reapplying. Once dry, I used one of my favorite techniques to give an antique or worn look. Using an old rag, I dipped the corner into Cobblestone paint and very lightly smeared horizontally across my board. A little paint goes a long way so keep smearing where normal wear and tear would occur. I also did the corners and edges.

Sign using Chalkpaint

Next, I was ready to add my text. Just a heads up, if your image contains text, you’ll want to make sure you print it a mirrored image.  Using a foam brush, apply a layer of Image Transfer Medium to your image. Carefully, transfer the image to your sign. I used a pencil to very lightly mark a line so I would make sure my image goes on straight! There’s nothing worse than getting to this point and setting your image on crooked! Once your image is down on your sign, make sure you don’ t move it. You could use a credit card or something with a straight edge to gently push out any air bubbles that might be under your paper. I let mine dry for a couple of hours and then started pulling my paper off. You’ll also need a damp rag to rub away any of the paper that is sticking. Gently keep rubbing at the paper with your cloth until all the paper is gone! It is so exciting to see your graphic come to life!! I sealed the sign with a layer of Tough Coat as I knew there would be little hands all over that sign on the weekend! And there you have it!! Such a simple way to make a beautiful sign!! I’m so excited to make another sign!!

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