The Easiest Way to Paint Chair Spindles

Don’t you hate how time consuming and tedious painting chair spindles can be? We do too, and that’s why we want to share this one simple trick with you to make the job much easier!

In this brand new video tutorial company co-founder, Rosanne will show you the easiest way to paint in tricky areas like spindles quickly and efficiently.

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Step 1) Stir and pour your paint

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The Easiest Way to Paint Chair Spindles #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #countrychicpaint #spindles #chair #tutorial #video #howto #instructions #tips #tricks #sponge #techniques #homedecor -

In order to make sure all of the ingredients are well combined, give your jar a good shake and stir it for at least one minute. To make the next step easier and to avoid contaminating your whole jar of paint, we recommend pouring a small of paint onto a paper plate.

Step 2) The first coat

The Easiest Way to Paint Chair Spindles #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #countrychicpaint #spindles #chair #tutorial #video #howto #instructions #tips #tricks #sponge #techniques #homedecor -

The Easiest Way to Paint Chair Spindles #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #countrychicpaint #spindles #chair #tutorial #video #howto #instructions #tips #tricks #sponge #techniques #homedecor -

Since sponges are soft and versatile, they’re much easier to manipulate in small, intricate areas like chair spindles. You’re going to love how quick and easy and quick painting spindles is now!

When painting with a sponge, you’ll notice that it applies the paint in very thin coats. Don’t worry though, that’s a good thing! Painting in thin coats will help you achieve better adhesion for a longer lasting finish. The paint will also dry more quickly so you don’t have to wait as long between coats.

If you’re having difficulty pushing the sponge into any nooks and crannies like the base of your spindles, you can use a small paint brush to touch up afterwards.

Step 3) Add a second coat

To get more opaque coverage, you’ll probably want to apply a second coat. Make sure you let each coat dry for about 1-2 hours before applying more paint on top.

Step 4) Distress

The Easiest Way to Paint Chair Spindles #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #countrychicpaint #spindles #chair #tutorial #video #howto #instructions #tips #tricks #sponge #techniques #homedecor -

If you prefer a more rustic or shabby chic look, try distressing to give your chair a unique finish! You can also leave the paint as is for a more modern finish.

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50 thoughts on “The Easiest Way to Paint Chair Spindles

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