Crackled Entry Table

This fabulous little table is the work of Cait from Little City Farmhouse! She used our limited edition color, Spellbound, a painting sponge, and Crackle Medium to complete this project.


I am excited to pop in today and share with you a project using Country Chic’s new Crackle Medium. You may have used some sort of crackle medium many years ago – I remember doing projects as a kid with my mum using a version of it and loving the outcome! With all the strides furniture paint has made and new techniques in refinishing, the options are endless using this medium. From full projects to small areas as accents, it’s definitely going to be a great tool in your arsenal if you love an old finish.

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This table was a pretty small and simple piece. I wanted to keep it neutral but add some interest. I kept the feet of the piece as they were, and gave the legs of the table two coats of Spellbound using the brand new Painting Sponge from Country Chic. As I am huge fan of a really good brushed finish, I was interested how using a sponge was going to turn out. I was incredibly impressed with the ease of use and the coverage – if you are ordering paint, definitely grab a sponge! You won’t regret it! It took me less than three minutes combined to do both coats!

Crackled Entry Table #DIY #furniturepaint #countrychicpaint #homedecor #crackle #cracklemedium #entry #sidetable #endtable #limitededition #sponge #paintingsponge -

Back to our project! I gave the top of the table a coat of the Crackle Medium with a foam brush. Be careful not to over brush! I applied it in one direction without going back over it. It needs to dry for 12 hours. Once it was fully dry, I gave it one coat of Spellbound. Again, if you over brush, it will ruin the finish. I applied the paint in the same direction as I applied the crackle without going back over it. The thickness of the paint application will affect the size of the cracks – which gives it a very authentic result!

Crackled Entry Table #DIY #furniturepaint #countrychicpaint #homedecor #crackle #cracklemedium #entry #sidetable #endtable #limitededition #sponge #paintingsponge -

I gave it a light sanding and distressing and it was finished! Such a fun product to use! Happy painting!

Crackled Entry Table #DIY #furniturepaint #countrychicpaint #homedecor #crackle #cracklemedium #entry #sidetable #endtable #limitededition #sponge #paintingsponge -

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Cait {Little City Farmhouse}

Hello! I’m Cait! I am a wife and a mom of two little ones, and a proud auntie of a growing little flock! I first started by refinishing several pieces in my own home, and fell in love with it. Slowly it turned into a business and something I could do from home. I love the thrill of finding old furniture, and I adore the process of refinishing it into something new and fresh. Refinishing furniture is the heart of my business. I believe your home should reflect who you are, and I love helping people get the look they want in their homes by refinishing their furniture for them.

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