To Respond or Not Respond: (low ballers)

If you sell painted furniture and you want some tips to boost your confidence, we’re here to help! Rebecca from Furniture Painting University is joining us today to talk about a situation that you can likely relate too: people that want to haggle with you about your prices. Rebecca writes from years of experience to help you find loyal customers who respect you and all your hard work.

We all have the low ballers that we deal with on a regular basis. The people who come with no intention of paying full price and poke and dig at you to knock down your self-confidence.

This isn’t specific to furniture – it’s the same in every single business I’ve ever been in. Real estate, interior design, sales, you name it.

They will not change. It’s what they do. The biggest thing that can change is your reaction to it.

You can lose sleep over it, get defensive, write a book on it, tell your friends, and make a stink.

OR you can buckle up and run your business like, well, a business.

No reaction is the best reaction. Low ball offers online? No, but thank you for your interest. Low ball offers in person? No but thank you for your interest. Rude comments about your workmanship? No response needed. Moving on like it’s not even there.

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Listen, they do it on purpose. They do it to get under your skin and undermine your confidence. If you let them, and you cave, then they win. If you fester on it for days and tell everyone, then they win.

I actually interviewed two serial low ballers because I wanted to just see what the point was. Was it purposeful? Intentional? Did they know how it affected us?

The answer: “Yes, we know – that’s why we do it. We don’t get emotional about it. It’s part of OUR business plan. We know when we make the offer that we have a 50/50 chance of getting a YES – depending on their confidence, time of listing, or just overall state of mind at the moment. At the very least, we will get a discount because they are worried they won’t get another offer. Why would we not ask? All you have to do is say no and we move on to the next one.”

To Respond or Not Respond #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #business #advice #confidence #countrychcipaint #lowballer #paintingforprofit -

Yep, there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. They do it ON PURPOSE! And we fall for it. Every. Single. Time. We get emotional. We type emotional responses. We are upset.
But really, all we need to do is JUST SAY NO! Why is that so hard? You don’t have to offer a discount just because they ask.

Keep your head up, know your value, and stand by your work. Stick to your price, and work hard to find the buyer that values your style and quality, and that buyer will bring you more and more work because they RESPECT you!

Are you going to let someone you’ve never met, don’t know, and whom has never seen your product take you down? How ridiculous is that?

To Respond or Not Respond #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #business #advice #confidence #countrychcipaint #lowballer #paintingforprofit -

If we took all of the energy we wasted on giving them the time they don’t deserve and put it towards our businesses in a positive way, we’d all be killing it right now.

So no more rants or complaints or being upset. No room for emotion here. It’s furniture.

That’s a mindset that will work for you – put it into place TODAY!


Rebecca {Furniture Painting University}

As an interior designer, I’ve always had a love for furniture and paint. When I had the opportunity to jump on a trend that combined the two, I did it! I started with one piece at a time, growing with profits. Eventually, through strategic partnerships, solid marketing, and word-of-mouth, I had created a profitable business, hired an assistant, and have work fully booked for months.

My latest endeavor was inspired by so many of you who love to paint and create, yet are having problems reaching paying customers. I’m here to help you achieve your dreams and pursue your passions while creating a profitable business. Through community, videos, ebooks, virtual workshops and webinars, I’ll be working with you side-by- side to get you to the next level.

Make sure you check out Rebecca’s website, Furniture Painting University, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Furniture Intervention!

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