Truly Teal

Heidi from Lily Field Furniture took this $10 Goodwill find from drab to fab with our limited edition color, Jitterbug!

I picked up this dresser at Goodwill for a whopping $9.99! It’s a unique art deco style and the bakerlite hardware alone was worth the $10! We have been using it as my husbands night stand the last few months until I knew what I wanted to do with it.

Truly Teal #DIY #furniturepaint #teal #paintedfurniture #dresser #bedsidetable #chalkpaint #homedecor #countrychicpaint -

Truly Teal #DIY #furniturepaint #teal #paintedfurniture #dresser #bedsidetable #chalkpaint #homedecor #countrychicpaint -

When I saw the new Spring color lineup I knew right away that I wanted to use Jitterbug on the dresser! It’s a gorgeous mix between a jade/emerald blueish green. How’s that for a description?!

I did zero prep for this piece. When I am doing furniture for myself I am way more laid back (lazy) with my prep and expectations! I cleared out the dresser and brought it out to my workshop. 3 hours later it was back by the bed and finished! That’s one of the perks of the All-in-One paint- super fast dry time!

I painted (sprayed) one coat of Jitterbug and allowed it to dry. I didn’t want any distressing with this dresser and so immediately after it was dry I sealed it with my top coat. For the hardware I used a toothbrush and Bar Keepers friend to scrub and shine the finish.

Truly Teal #DIY #furniturepaint #teal #paintedfurniture #dresser #bedsidetable #chalkpaint #homedecor #countrychicpaint -

Truly Teal #DIY #furniturepaint #teal #paintedfurniture #dresser #bedsidetable #chalkpaint #homedecor #countrychicpaint -

Truly Teal #DIY #furniturepaint #teal #paintedfurniture #dresser #bedsidetable #chalkpaint #homedecor #countrychicpaint -

Pictures really can’t describe how beautiful this Jitterbug color is! I can’t wait to use it again and see all of your projects as well!

Heidi from Lily Field Furniture #2015blogsquad #countrychicpaint -

Heidi {Lily Field Furniture}

Hello! My name is Heidi and I am the face behind Lily Field Furniture. I spend my days being a wife and mom and my late nights in the garage painting away! I absolutely love the job that I have and have so much fun with the process of thrifting and then refinishing furniture in a creative way. It’s so rewarding to see the amazing transformation that just a little paint can make!

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6 thoughts on “Truly Teal

  1. Hi Heidi, Hard to believe that’s the same piece of furniture! That is gorgeous. It really brings out the best of the piece where the detail and the hardware POP! This shows off the new Jitterbug colour really well. I love this. Beautifully (and quickly) done! I’m curious about how you spray the paint… do tell us more!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Maia! I’m so glad you enjoyed this transformation. If you’d like to chat more about paint spraying with Heidi, you’re welcome to reach out to her by clicking here.

  2. BEAUTIFULL!!! Teal is one of my favorite colors, yellow is my most fav, I have been wanting to try painting something with teal . I didn’t know country Chic had a teal!

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