Bee’s Knees Dresser

This sweet dresser was refurbished with our limited edition color, Bee’s Knees and Cedar Antiquing Dust by Andrea from Crossroad Creations!

One of my favorite new limited edition colors announced for Spring is Bee’s Knees. I love yellows, and this shade is stunning! This vintage dresser was given a fresh makeover that makes me think of the sunny days ahead.

Bee's Knees Dresser #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #homedecor #chalkpaint #yellow #antiquingdust #countrychicpaint -

This dresser was in rough shape when we got it, and it needed to be stripped and sanded to remove the many layers of paint and finishes. After that was completed, I noticed there were some chips in the top of the dresser that I did not want to fix, so a new top was made from solid maple.

Bee's Knees Dresser #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #homedecor #chalkpaint #yellow #antiquingdust #countrychicpaint -

After the drawers and body of the dresser were painted with two coats of Bee’s Knees, I smoothed out the finish with a fine grit sandpaper while leaving some texture in the paint for the next step. I wanted to use the Antiquing Dust in Cedar so that an aged effect would show up in the carvings and texture of the paint. Following the online tutorials on the website, I first applied a thin layer of Natural Wax to the dresser. While it was still fresh I followed this by brushing the dust onto the wax, making sure to concentrate on the grooves and edges. After allowing the dust to settle for about 30 minutes, I took a cloth and wiped away the excess dust and buffed the wax at the same time. I love how the Antiquing Dust accents the details of the dresser.

Bee's Knees Dresser #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #homedecor #chalkpaint #yellow #antiquingdust #countrychicpaint -

Bee's Knees Dresser #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #homedecor #chalkpaint #yellow #antiquingdust #countrychicpaint -

The hardware had been painted many times before but I wanted to restore them because they are beautifully detailed. I did not want them to look brand new so I did not over polish them.

Bee's Knees Dresser #DIY #furniturepaint #paintedfurniture #homedecor #chalkpaint #yellow #antiquingdust #countrychicpaint -

I hope you enjoyed reading about this dresser makeover and I highly suggest you give Bee’s Knees a try!

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Andrea {Crossroad Creations}

Hi! My name is Andrea, and together with my parents, we own Crossroad Creations in Southeastern Ontario. I feel so lucky to be on this journey with my family and hope you enjoy our creations! We are so inspired by old furniture pieces and reclaimed materials that would otherwise be forgotten. We love to repurpose, restyle and create unique pieces and are so excited to share this passion with you!

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  1. I absolutely love this dresser. The color is amazing and the antiquing treatment was extra delicious. Thank you for sharing.

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