Beauty and the Beast

This gorgeous piece was brought back to life by Sarah from Honour Design with the help of Hurricane, Simplicity, Silver Bullet metallic cream, Natural Wax, and Aspen antiquing dust!

I was tipped off on a great potential piece by a friend. I jumped on the opportunity to have first dibs on an unusual piece. There is nothing I love more than the thrill of finding a unique piece with hidden potential.

And boy did this beast have some real potential to be a beauty!

Beauty and the Beast #DIY #furniturepaint #chalkpaint #paintedfurniture #homedecor #armoire #tallboy #bedroom #grey #countrychicpaint -

Since I have a couple painting projects under my belt I felt ready to embark on a new challenge– Metallic Accent Cream and Antiquing Dust by Country Chic Paint. The old me would have felt it was too risky to try new techniques like these. But the new me, full of painting confidence thought “let’s give this a whirl?!”

Step 1: Sand & Wipe

A quick light sand of a couple areas with some wear and tear, and a quick wipe down of the surface. Remove handles and set aside, we will be repurposing these too!

Step 2: Paint!

Paint your first coat! I grabbed Country Chic’s All-in-one paint in “Hurricane”. It’s a mysterious dark grey with undertones of blue (swoon worthy).

I also put my first coat of paint on my handles. I picked a bright white “Simplicity” by Country Chic to really pop against the piece.

Step 3: Paint Again!

Wait a couple hours and get to work on coat number two on both the furniture and the handles.

Beauty and the Beast #DIY #furniturepaint #chalkpaint #paintedfurniture #homedecor #armoire #tallboy #bedroom #grey #countrychicpaint -

Step 4: Silver & Sand

Next: Metallic Accent Cream! I picked up the colour “Silver Bullet” by Country Chic.

Now with this magic stuff, a little goes a long way! Grab the smallest amount on a brush and lightly sweep it along any areas you want to be highlighted. Follow behind with a cloth to rub off any excessive amounts. I applied the metallic cream on both the furniture and the handles.

To give your piece a bit more distressing go over some of the edges with a light sanding. Sand just enough so that a little bit of the wood peeks through the paint.

Step 5: Wax on, Dust on, Buff it!

Next: Antiquing Dust! I chose the colour “Aspen” by Country Chic.

I loved the light colour and knew it would be a great contrast to the darker paint colour I had chosen.

For this step, you will need to first apply a natural wax.
I recommend investing in a waxing brush as well as a good wax ( I got both of mine from Country Chic Paint of course) 😉

~TIP~ Warm up the wax a bit before applying. As the wax is firm it glides a little easier when its softened slightly. You can even warm it up just in your hands (way easier to apply!).

Cover the entire piece with the natural wax.

Next, grab a dry brush and apply the “dust” into any areas that dust would naturally settle.

Make sure to really push the dust into the wax during this step. Let the dust sit for about half an hour on your piece.

Come back and buff your waxed and dusted surface with a clean and dry cloth. As you buff, you’ll notice that the dust stays in the nooks and crannies and gives a lighter look to those areas.

Beauty and the Beast #DIY #furniturepaint #chalkpaint #paintedfurniture #homedecor #armoire #tallboy #bedroom #grey #countrychicpaint -

Step 6: Enjoy!!

Lastly put the hardware back on and admire your hard work!

Beauty and the Beast #DIY #furniturepaint #chalkpaint #paintedfurniture #homedecor #armoire #tallboy #bedroom #grey #countrychicpaint -

I love that my piece has been transformed from a beast into a beauty with so much depth, character, and vintage charm.

Beauty and the Beast #DIY #furniturepaint #chalkpaint #paintedfurniture #homedecor #armoire #tallboy #bedroom #grey #countrychicpaint -

Until the next project…

Sarah {Honour Design}

Sarah calls Victoria BC home with her husband, stepdaughter, and dog. Some of her favourite things include coffee, good friends, and home DIY projects. On the weekends she loves painting a vintage piece of furniture or getting inspired for her blog and YouTube channel.

~Her goal; to inspire you on your own design journey, one project at a time~

Make sure to follow Sarah’s blog Honour Design. You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram!

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